Student Comments

“By using TaskStream as a platform to build my portfolio, it is easier to communicate my thoughts with my peers to get feedbacks. In addition to the ease of communications, these feedbacks all get recorded in my e-portfolio and can be tracked when I do my revision. I can then compare my revisions with these peer reviews to double check that I tackled each of my problems.”

“TaskStream does not seem to be that difficult an application to use. I found navigating the different menus and subsections to be fairly intuitive…I think it’s nice to have all my work organized in the DRF program, separate from the rest of the class’s writing.”

“I believe that writing as a process is definitely valuable because it allows for improvement and learning. This e-portfolio allows for this to happen in an easy (after you learn how to use it), efficient and innovative way.”

“I found it cool that we could submit our essays electronically instead of handing in a handwritten paper. I also liked the fact that it kept me very organized. I think that if half this stuff was on paper I would be all over the place. Taskstream kept everything neat and organized.”

“I like the fact that we can request comments and do mob reviews but I didn’t like having to bring my computer to class every day. I am also more traditional in that I would rather read off paper and make comments in the margins. This is especially true because nothing aggravates me more than grammar errors. I think that editing on paper is much more effective for these general issues because you can also help your partner rework sentence structure. These types of problems are very hard to fix on Taskstream because you have no way of showing the other person the exact spot you are talking about.”

“The final portfolio looks very nice. I think that Taskstream does well to make the webpage user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. However, uploading images was a problem for me and many other students as well.”