Responding to student writing

April 8th, 2010 by kfreeman

I use three types of feedback in TaskStream: Webmarker for comments directly on drafts, pasted papers for whole-class peer review, and rubrics for final drafts. Although I had to practice a little with Webmarker to become comfortable with it, I now like it better than the comment feature on Word. For one thing, I don’t [...]

Comments and Evaluation in TaskStream

April 5th, 2010 by ledwards

We used two different feedback mechanisms in TaskStream for rough drafts and revised final drafts. Though the comments feature and the evaluation rubrics each had some drawbacks from a pedagogical and logistical standpoint, I think we all found a lot of value in them, too.
Students remarked that they missed being able to write on hard [...]

How TaskStream helps with whole class review.

April 5th, 2010 by jsopchockchai

[...] TaskStream became an excellent (although not perfect – as I’ll explain shortly) solution to this problem. I created my own notebook folio called “Jen’s College Writing Notebook,” in a way imitating what my students had already done, and copied and pasted the drafts up for review into it (minus the students’ names). I then requested comments from all students on that draft. In addition to projecting a copy of the draft at the front of the room as a central reference point, students could actually read the drafts to themselves on their own laptops, and then respond live, in class, with comments. [...]