Resources for Instructors



The NU Writing Center provides faculty with classroom visits and workshop services. For example, we can facilitate a class workshop on subjects like peer review or presentation skills.


To request a class visit or workshop, email the Writing Center at


We also support faculty as writers themselves. Our services are available to Northeastern faculty who might be looking to get feedback on their own writing and/or classroom communication.


Syllabus Section

The Northeastern University Writing Center offers free and friendly tutoring and for any level of writer, including help with conceptualizing writing projects, the writing process (i.e., planning, researching, organizing, drafting, and revising), and using sources effectively. The Writing Center has two locations: 412 Holmes Hall (call 617-373-4549) for advance appointments and 136 Snell Library (617-373-2086) for last minute appointments. Online appointments are also available. The Writing Center opens on September 15th and closes on December 14th. Hours vary by location. To make an appointment or learn more about the Writing Center visit our website at For writing tips and updates about the Writing Center, follow us on facebook at NEUWritingCenter and Twitter @NEUWrites. Questions about the Writing Center can be directed to Samantha Przybylowicz, Assistant Director, at or Belinda Walzer, Writing Center Director, at

Suggestions for ​language to include on your ​syllabi ​to encourage use of the Writing Center: ​*​

●If you would like some help organizing ideas for your paper or some constructive criticism of a draft, make an appointment to see a Writing Center instructor.

●Please encourage students to come early in the process of writing a paper. A last-minute visit does not allow adequate time for instruction.

*Language borrowed from University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center

Adding a Link to the NU Writing Center on Your Bb Course Page

An easy way to provide your students ready access to the Writing Center’s website is to add a link to the Writing Center homepage on your class Blackboard site. Here’s how to do it:


1) On your course homepage, you have a control panel on the left side, and it’s here that you’ll be adding a link to the Writing Center.

2) Click on the + in the top left of that box and then choose “Web link”:

3) In the Add External Link box, name the link “NU Writing Center” and paste in this URL: 

4) Check the “Available to Users” box and click “Submit.”

That’s it! Now your students will see a link to the Writing Center’s homepage each time they’re in your Bb course site.


Ways to Introduce the Writing Center!

At the start of the semester, we suggest instructors introduce the Writing Center to students in an interactive way. Bring them to either Writing Center location. Provide flyers or guide them through our appointment booking process. You can refer students to the Writing Center website and social media outlets.