Resources for Faculty

The Writing Center currently supports Northeastern faculty in a few different ways:

1. We Provide Workshops

The NU Writing Center provides faculty with classroom visits and workshop services. For example, we can facilitate a class workshop on subjects like peer review or presentation skills.

To request a class visit or workshop, email the Director of Programming and Marketing, Kyle Oddis (, or fill out this web form.

We also support faculty as writers themselves. Our services are available to Northeastern faculty who might be looking to get feedback on their own writing and/or classroom communication.

2. We Work 1-on-1 With Your Students

Encourage your students to use the Writing Center by helping them know that there is a free and friendly resource for them on campus.

3. We Consult on Assignment Design

Our administrative team has collected a few helpful practices for creating writing assignments. We are also available to be a sounding board as you plan your writing assignments and instruction.


Faculty Newsletter

Faculty Notes from the Writing Center 2017-2018

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