What are your Fall 2017 hours, and where are you located?

412 Holmes Hall
Monday-Thursday: 9AM-8PM
Friday: 9AM-5PM
How to find us: Holmes Hall is attached to Lake, Nightingale, and Meserve Halls. The most direct entrance to the Writing Center is off of Leon Street. Look for 41A to Holmes Hall off of Leon Street.
(617) 373-4549

136 Snell Library
Monday-Friday: 11AM-4PM
How to find us: Our second location is on the ground floor of Snell Library (the room behind Argo Tea).
(617) 373-2086

For both centers, use our scheduling service. Log onto the current schedule and choose an appointment slot that is most convenient for you.  We also offer online/virtual hours in which you may meet synchronously with a writing consultant from wherever in the world you may be.


Who can use the Writing Center?

We’re open to anyone from the Northeastern University community! We work with faculty members, staff, undergraduate and graduate students from all academic disciplines as well as alumni. We work with multilingual writers and native speakers of English. We offer classroom visits and arrange staff development workshops.


How do I access my online appointment?

Log-in to neu.mywconline.com. Double click on your appointment. Click on the red text that states “Start of Join Online Consultation.” You will then be taken to a whiteboard and chat box. Copy and paste your paper in the whiteboard. You and your consultant can type in both the chat box and the whiteboard. These directions also appear (in a slightly condensed form) when you make your online appointment.


What do I do if I’m having problems with the online software?

If you are having problems with mywconline, then you should sign out completely and then sign back in or try another browser. If this does not solve the problem do not email the Writing Center, since your consultant does not have access to that e-mail address. If your consultant is having issues with the software, he/she will send you an e-mail.


What is your cancellation policy? 

You may cancel your appointment (online, face-to-face) up to four hours before your scheduled appointment slot. For example, if you have a 10 am appointment, you must cancel before 6 am. If circumstances prevent you from canceling before your appointment meets in four hours, e-mail the Writing Center to cancel the appointment; last-minute cancellations should call the Writing Center at 617-373-4549.


What should I do if I need help fast?

Check both schedules. Add yourself to the Wait List (look for the clock icon in the upper-left corner of your desired day on the schedule; should an appointment cancel, you will be notified). Drop by our physical locations to see if anyone is available.


How many appointments can I have?

Due to high student demand, we limit each student to two appointments per week. Students may have one appointment (at either Holmes or Snell) per day. Plan ahead!


Who works at the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is staffed by Northeastern University writing instructors, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Our graduate consultants are studying composition theory, literature, technical/professional writing, history, and public policy. Our undergraduate consultants are from various majors, such as English, psychology, film studies, chemical engineering, and behavioral neuroscience.


What do you do at the Writing Center?

Simply put, we work with all things writing. What that looks like will vary from session to session. Students attend the writing center at all stages in the writing process from brainstorming and outlining to draft revision and final submission. Sometimes students come to a session without an assignment simply to work on their sentence structure and usage. Overall, we offer free professional support for all of your writing endeavors.


What should I bring to my Writing Center session?

If you are working on a paper for a course, bring in the assignment sheet (prompt) as well as any texts you are working with for the project. You should also bring in a rough draft, an outline, some notes, or simply some ideas about the paper you are writing. Laptops, iPads, and other electronics are also welcome.


Will you work with resumes, cover letters, and application essays?

Yes, we will. Each consultant has had extensive experience with these sorts of tasks. The Writing Center can’t promise you that you’ll get the job, but we can help you build a  résumé that will strongly convey your best qualities and qualifications.


Will you proofread my paper at the Writing Center?

Though we don’t proofread, our consultants work with you to improve your editing and proofreading skills, as well as your grasp of the fundamentals of the English language. This process can be time-consuming, so be sure to make appointments well in advance of due dates.


What if my teacher wants my consultant to sign a form stating that I went to the Writing Center?

We do not provide an official appointment form. Our philosophy is that a consultation is a private matter between the consultant and student. However, if you would like to show your instructor that you used our services, grab a bookmark, flyer, or brochure at the end of your session.