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Why Minor in WGSS?

Meet some of our students and read about their experiences with WGSS as well as their plans for the future!

Melinda Gomez, 2014

A senior at Northeastern University, Melinda is a Psychology Major with a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She began to work as a Research Assistant in the WGSS office for her first co-op last year.

“I was always interested in WGSS and found that many of the courses overlapped with those I wanted to take to fulfill my interdisciplinary cluster requirement. There is a long list of courses across several departments that count toward the minor. So it was very easy to complete a minor in a field I enjoy.”

Melinda continues to take WGSS courses and one day would like to build a career as a Family Counselor.

Sarah Dean, 2012

Sarah is a History major and has remained enthusiastic about Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies throughout her entire five years at Northeastern University. As many of our students do, Sarah began by taking Introduction to WGSS and continued to stay active in the field.

“I come from a community where there were very specific gender roles and found it difficult to fit in. After taking WGSS courses, I think about life differently. I understand myself better, have more enriched experiences, and have the vocabulary to talk about these things. Minoring in WGSS has helped me to think about my future because I realize that gender studies can help me in any career path I choose.”

Sarah plans on attending Graduate School in the future. She is interested in sex education and reproduction rights but knows her options in the field of gender issues are endless.