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Undergraduate Program

The undergrad minor in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies offers a wide, interdisciplinary range of courses for students who wish to explore gender and sexuality and its relation to other axes of power and identity, including race, class, and ethnicity. Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies covers a variety of theoretical and empirical scholarship both within traditional disciplines and in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary frames. Our goal is for students to learn about approaches to gender and sexuality in the Social Sciences and Humanities and through frameworks that bridge traditional fields.

Explore gender and sexuality in the global community by dipping into disciplines ranging throughout the social sciences, arts, humanities, and physical sciences. Study politics and pop culture, sociology and psychology, writing and religion, and much more. Minoring in the interdisciplinary WGSS program complements and deepens a variety of majors. Combining WGSS with your major field of study will open up new ways of thinking, bringing gender and sexuality studies to bear on important social and intellectual questions.

Minor Declaration

Students who wish to complete a minor should declare their intention to do so online at the Minor Declaration Page. From here, students can click on the first hyperlink to sign in and add a minor and can see a list of all available CSSH minors.

A 2.00 GPA is required for the minor.

Required Courses

Complete one required course:

  • WMNS 1103 - Intro to Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

This interdisciplinary course introduces key topics and debates that have shaped the field of gender and sexuality studies. Drawing from women’s studies, queer studies, masculinity studies, and allied areas, students will learn the basic conceptual frameworks for understanding how gender and sexuality are socially constructed and are experienced in everyday life. We draw on a variety of disciplines to analyze gender, race, sexuality, and other dimensions of identity; explore critical issues of gender, sex and power; and study gendered/sexed identities in both national and transnational contexts.

Through lecture and class discussion of texts from literature, media, history, psychology, philosophy, religion, politics, anthropology, and sociology, we will examine the pervasive influence of gender on the structure of society and our everyday experiences. Topics will include the gendered conceptions of love, friendship, sexuality, and violence; biological arguments about gender and sexuality; the social construction of sexuality, gender, and identity; intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality; masculinities and femininities; theories of sexual difference; gender and the state; and the gendered pleasures of popular culture.


Complete three courses from the following list. Of the three electives, one must be at the 2000 level or above and the courses must come from at least two different departments.

NOTE: This is a newly approved list. If you believe a course you have taken that is not listed here is an adequate substitute for one of the listed courses, please contact us with a course syllabus.

  • AFRS/WMNS 1185 Gender in the African Diaspora
  • ANTH/WMNS 2302 Gender and Sexuality: A Cross Cultural Perspective
  • CINE 3500 Film Theory
  • CINE 3392 Women and Film: The Gendered Gaze
  • COMM 1131 Sex, Relationships and Communication
  • COMM/WMNS 1304 Communication and Inclusion
  • COMM/WMNS 2304 Communication and Gender
  • CRIM 4010 Gender, Crime, and Justice
  • ENGL 2460 Multiethnic Literature of the US
  • ENGL 3270 Gender and the Novel in 18th C. Britain
  • ENGL 3275 Women, Gender, and Early Empire
  • ENGL 3280 Black Women Writers
  • ENGL 3324 Gender and Rhetoric
  • ENGL 3339 Topics in Literary Criticism: Queer Theory
  • ENGL 3678 Bedrooms and Battlefields: Hebrew Bible & the Origins of Sex, Gender, and Ethnicity
  • HIST 1204 Gender in the Global South
  • HIST 2372 Gender and Society in Modern Europe
  • HUSV 2800 Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression in Practice and Policy
  • HUSV 2900 Gender Violence: Bystander Education Theory and Practice
  • HUSV 3580 Rape Crisis Training: Techniques in Counseling
  • INTL 2400 Politics of Islam and Gender
  • INTL/WMNS 2480 Women and World Politics
  • JWSS/WMNS 2259 Women in Jewish Culture
  • LING 3456 Language and Gender
  • MUSC 1106 Women and Music
  • MUSC 1139 Popular Music, Sexuality, and the New Global Order
  • PHIL 1150 Sex, Power, and Oppression: An Introduction
  • POLS 2375 Gender and Politics
  • PSYC 1200 Psychology of Women
  • RELS 1104 Goddesses, Witches, Saints and Sinners: Women in Western Religions
  • RELS/WMNS 1271 Sex in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • RELS 1280 Encountering Islam: Traditions, Debates, and Crosscultural Diversity
  • SOCL/WMNS 1255 Sociology of the Family
  • SOCL 1256 Violence in the Family
  • SOCL/WMNS 1260 Gender in a Changing Society
  • SOCL 1273 Sociology of Gender and Work
  • SOCL 2268 Social Movements
  • SOCL/WMNS 3402 Feminist Perspectives on Society
  • SOCL 4520 Race, Class and Gender
  • SOCL 4530 Seminar in the Family
  • SOCL 4580 Special Topics in Sociology: Sexualities
  • SOCL 4992 Sociology of Sexualities: Exploring "Queer" Theory and Non-conforming Sexualities
  • WMNS 1101 Sex, Gender and Pop Culture
  • WMNS 3441 Topics in Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
  • WMNS 4992 Global Perspectives on Sexuality