About We Care

The We Care program is a support system to aid students during times of difficulty or crisis. We Care also aids departments in developing their own systems to work through student crises, as well as faculty and staff who request guidance in identifying existing Northeastern resources for students.

How We Care Works

Students come to the attention of We Care in a variety of ways:

  • Faculty and staff contact We Care directly to discuss the needs of a student they see as possibly being in crisis.
  • NUPD notes students who appear headed for crisis.
  • Residential Life staff work closely with many of our students and have multiple opportunities to see students who exhibit behaviors ranging from general unhappiness to disruptive behavior which demands more immediate intervention.
  • Students transported to local hospitals are routinely followed up with and, on occasion, sometimes the transport was the trigger that enables the student to reach out for help during the follow up check-in.
  • OSCCR referrals for a variety of violations of our Code of Conduct also allow us to identify students who are having difficulty managing the freedom and responsibilities associated with college life.
  • UHCS, the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service, Parent Programs and other offices raise concerns about students who demonstrate troubling behavior or signal in some way their need for additional guidance.