Hours: 12pm-5pm Monday-Friday or by prior arrangement (Email vision@neu.edu) If you are on co-op or can only meet after business hours, please email us to arrange an early morning or evening appointment.

Location: The ViSION Resource Center is located in the basement of 106 St. Stephen St. within the Social Justice Resource Center. The easiest way to enter is from the side of the building.

The ViSION Resource Center serves as an entry point for students who have been affected by sexual violence .  Licensed social workers from the Office of Prevention and Education provide staffing at the center. Information is available about resources and reporting options. Staff can also assist students in connecting with services available through any of the ViSION partners.

The ViSION Resource Center operates on an empowerment model, meaning that we won’t tell you what you should do, but rather will listen and provide information in order to help you make whichever decisions feel best for you.

The following are some scenarios where we may be able to help-

  • You want to know more about what resources exist for survivors of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and harassment on and off campus.
  • You want to know about resources that are created for/by specific populations.
  • Someone you care about was assaulted or is an abusive relationnship and you aren’t sure how to best support them.
  • You want to schedule a training, presentation, or event related to sexual violence or partner violence. We can work with you to customize a presentation or can connect you to a local organization to meet your needs.


The ViSION Resource Center staff are considered “responsible employees” which means that we are required to report disclosures of sexual assault, partner violence, stalking or harassment of which we are made aware, to the Title IX Coordinator.  If your safety or the safety of other students is being threatened in some way, Northeastern takes that very seriously.  Though we are not a confidential resource, we commit to keeping our conversations private.

UHCS staff and spiritual advisers on campus serve as confidential supports. These staff members do not have an obligation to report cases to Title IX.

We are also happy to connect you to confidential off campus resources.


All students have the right to access ViSION’s resources and services.  Phone translation services are available in over 200 languages including ASL.  ViSION Center Staff will work to accommodate any other accessibility needs.

Please note that the ViSION Resource Center is not a wheelchair accessible space.  Please email vision@neu.edu to set up a meeting in Ell Hall alternatively.

ViSION Resource Center