Elizabeth Giardino

Currently: 2nd year graduate student, M.S. Urban & Regional Policy

Graduated: BA, Sociology with Urban Studies Minor (2010)

The ability to look at urban social issues was what attracted Elizabeth Giardino to the Urban Studies minor.  The minor allowed her to look at social problems from a place based perspective.  “Every class I took was interesting.  You can apply this to a broad range of interests from social work to law enforcement to economic development.”

In addition, the minor was not overly difficult to complete.  There was good class availability and some of the classes overlapped with her major in sociology.  This allowed to her to be able to graduate early even with doing all required Co-Op courses.

Ms. Giardino reported that the Urban Studies minor helped her to integrate easily into Northeastern’s Masters in Urban and Regional Policy (MURP) program.  The minor provided the background knowledge needed to be successful in MURP.  The courses she took provided her with a different perspective on the history of urban areas, how they have changed over time, and how they function.  From her view, this understanding provides the foundation for effective urban policies.

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  • Why Urban Studies?

    Northeastern's Urban Studies minor provides students interested in cities the opportunity to take advantage of he resources of an urban university situated in a major metropolitan area. The minor equips students to understand the dynamics of urban growth and development and includes the study of urban social and political institutions. It also enables students to understand urban processes and develop policies to keep cities vibrant.

    An urban studies minor complements many social science majors as well as architecture, business, and engineering. The minor also provides a solid background for graduate study and professional careers in urban planning and policy, social work, and related fields.

  • Contact Information

    School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs
    Northeastern University
    335 Holmes Hall
    Boston, MA 02115

    617.373.2891 (phone)
    617.373.4691 (fax)