Clay McShane

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Urban history, recent U.S. history, and Social History
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin

Clay McShane is a specialist in United States urban and social history. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on these topics as well as on the history of Boston and the history of technology. He is an editor of the internet-based discussion group H-Urban. Professor McShane has presented numerous conference papers, both in the U.S. and overseas. His article, “The State of the Art in North American Urban History,” will appear in the Journal of Urban History in May, 2006. His monographs include The Automobile: A Chronology (1997) and Down the Asphalt Path: American Cities and the Automobile (1994). His current research deals with the horse in nineteenth-century American cities.

  • Why Urban Studies?

    Northeastern's Urban Studies minor provides students interested in cities the opportunity to take advantage of he resources of an urban university situated in a major metropolitan area. The minor equips students to understand the dynamics of urban growth and development and includes the study of urban social and political institutions. It also enables students to understand urban processes and develop policies to keep cities vibrant.

    An urban studies minor complements many social science majors as well as architecture, business, and engineering. The minor also provides a solid background for graduate study and professional careers in urban planning and policy, social work, and related fields.

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