The Scholars

Now in our third year, we have continued to welcome University Scholars to Northeastern from all over the world. Currently, Northeastern University Scholars come to us from over 37 countries and 34 of the United States. They are a tremendous group of students who have already begun making deep impacts on our campus. Their thirst to explore, to be challenged, to pursue unique paths, and to give back to the communities they touch guides us as we continue to shape the future of the University Scholars Program at Northeastern. Here, you will find some information about the current crop of University Scholars, as well as more detailed profiles of our young leaders and thinkers.

From an initial cohort of 42, the University Scholars Program is now 285 students strong, with Scholars hailing from 34 states and 37 countries. Beyond the numbers, the most recent class, which entered in Fall 2014, counts amongst its members 20 captains of team sports; 59 performers in dance, theater, or music; 10 students who have earned either the Eagle Scout or Gold Award designation; 71 students who completed university coursework prior to NU; 71 students who also performed community service; and 11 valedictorians. Scholars' accomplishments and impact include national and international recognition in music, art, math and science competitions, debate, and Model United Nations; founding nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurship ventures; health, science and technology research alongside graduate students and in industry; and proficiency in numerous languages. They each exemplify intellectual and interdisciplinary curiosity and maturity, and are talented, high caliber students whom will have many choices for college and university enrollment.