Professor Brenhouse

2015 Scholars Welcome Event Master Classes

This year we will once again be hosting prospective University Scholars on campus. And once again, we have a wonderful slate of classes to share with those who will be visiting campus on March 22 and 23. Here’s a quick rundown of the course titles and the exceptional Northeastern faculty members who will be teaching. […]


Dialogue of Civilizations: Istanbul and Berlin

Did you know that the University Scholars Program is sponsoring two Dialogues of Civilization this summer? In addition to an updated iteration of last summer’s amazing Dialogue to study the science and policy of climate change in India, we’ve added “Politics of Space: Islam, Gender, Sexuality in Istanbul and Berlin,” taught by Professors Berna Turam […]

More color, up close.

Final Fall SAGE Event: Building the Scholars Cup

For our Final Fall 2013 SAGE Event (identifying Skills, Accomplishments, and Goals for Enterprise), Second-Year Scholars participated in a collaborative design process with a team of artisans and designers from the Diablo Glass School in nearby Roxbury. One group of 15 Scholars conceptualized the color of the piece, while the other group of 15 Scholars […]

Czech Modernism Mirrored and Reflected Infinitely

The ICA: Josiah McEleheny Exhibit

One of the things I love most about Northeastern is its proximity to fine art, including the university’s own Gallery 360 and the Museum of Fine Arts down the street. I have also visited several private art galleries on Newbury Street and viewed works by artists ranging from Boston locals to Salvador Dalí. However, the one […]

Kaila and Priscilla attend the Boston Symphony.

The Boston Symphony Orchestra

Boston is a hub of diversity and culture, something that I was acutely aware of when I initially applied to schools here. There is so much to be done and seen, and I can still remember back in the March of 2012, during my first taxi ride through the city, when I looked out of the […]