The Online Application

The SIRF application is to be completed online here. Once begun Scholars can save their applications for up to 28 days. Scholars can find a sample PDF application form here.  The application consists of the following items.

Application form, including budget: The application form and budget are available online. You are asked to provide personal information as well as to itemize your research expenses and personal resources for the SIRF project. SIRFs can be used to pay a wage stipend or for room and board, but not both. Wage stipends should be calculated using a $9/hr figure.


A Project Proposal, including supplementary materials: In the project proposal, you are asked to provide a:

  • Short Personal Statement describing how your own experiences have led you to pursue this research and how you expect this work to fit into your academic plans and career ambitions.
  • Project Introduction stating what question, problem, or creative area you hope to explore and outlining the objectives of the research. This section should also provide important background information for your project, contextualizing the project in terms of the broader work in the field.
  • Project Design and Methodology statement. This important section should outline your methodology, as well a specific course of action for carrying the project through to completion. This should include an assessment of resources required for project planning and implementation and a consideration of potential project challenges. For group projects, you are asked to also provide a statement justifying why this project must be undertaken as a group, as well as what roles you expect each member to play in seeing the project through to fruition.
  • Project Timeline that lays out what you intend to do and when you intend to do it.
  • Mentoring Plan that outlines the anticipated frequency and mode (e.g., in person, phone, email, Skype) of your communications with your faculty advisor. Be sure to account for conditions such as travel (yours or your advisor's), time zone differences, and the like, and be sure to discuss the Mentoring Plan with your advisor before submitting it.
  • Outcomes Statement that describes the anticipated outcomes or products of your project. Detail how will you share the results of your project.  Here you should identify potential venues to share your work both within and outside Northeastern (e.g. the Scholars Fall Research Presentation, the spring RISE poster session, a discipline-specific conference, specialized publication, etc.). Scholars are expected to produce a 2-3 page final report and participate in the Scholars Fall SIRF Presentations.
  • Supplementary Materials Section. This may include a preliminary bibliography and the sources cited in your proposal; graphs and illustrations; preliminary research; portfolios.
  • An IRB Statement. Research conducted through the University must be conducted in keeping with ethical norms. Therefore, all projects involving human subjects research must be approved by Northeastern’s Institutional Review Board, (IRB). Applicants must be in the process of review or be approved before the selection committee can award funding. Faculty advisors are considered the principal investigator for all student (undergraduate and graduate) projects with human subjects.  Advisors are therefore responsible that the research is conducted in accordance with federal regulations and university guidelines, including obtaining approvals.  A signed Assurance by the faculty advisor, Department Chair/Program Head and the student must be submitted with the student’s proposal.


Current transcript and resume. Both of these items should be submitted as PDFs through the online application. An unofficial transcript is acceptable.


Letter of Recommendation. The letter of recommendation should directed to the SIRF Selection Committee and should address the faculty advisor’s involvement with the project; discuss the student's initiative, motivation, and determination for the proposed project; comment on the quality, originality, and worthiness of the proposal; outline arrangements to ensure completion of the project and verify willingness to review and sign-off on the Scholars 2-3 page end of project report. When soliciting faculty support, please share with your potential advisor this document describing the SIRF award.