Research Expectations

  • SIRFs are intended to support independent, student-initiated undergraduate research and creative endeavor.
  • These awards cannot be used to substitute for a grant-funded position and are not designed to pay for the work of a research assistant.
  • Scholars must demonstrate autonomy in the design and implementation of the research project.
  • In the case of the sciences and engineering, the projects can be carried out in close collaboration with a faculty sponsor. However, there should be a distinction between the faculty member's funded research and that of the SIRF applicant. Priority will be given to projects where students are making their own clearly defined intellectual contributions.
  • If awarded a SIRF, Scholars are expected to write and submit a 2-3 page report about the project to their project mentor for signature; write a 500-word blog post describing their project; present their work for other Scholars and members of the Northeastern community in the fall; and locate an appropriate venue for external review of their work.
  • Students may not participate in a SIRF while on a Dialogue of Civilizations or during Summer session classes without the expressed, written consent of the faculty project mentor and the faculty member teaching their Dialogue.
  • Students are expected to dedicate at least 9 weeks of full-time effort (40 hours a week) to the completion of their project.