We hear from prospective students interested in the University Scholars Program pretty frequently. Here are a few of the questions we regularly get asked and the answers to them. If you do not see your question addressed here, please contact us at universityscholars@neu.edu.


Is there a separate application for the University Scholars Program?

There is not currently a separate application for the program. All applicants to Northeastern University are considered for the program. The decisions regarding selection are made by University Admissions. Prospective Scholars can apply through the Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision processes.


Is there a minimum GPA to maintain the University Scholarship?
To keep the University Scholarship, students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. GPA is reviewed at the end of every spring semester. If the student GPA falls below 3.0, students are allowed one academic semester of probation in the following academic year to regain eligibility. During this semester, students receive the scholarship. If the student fails to attain the required GPA after the probationary semester, the scholarship will be cancelled. Students may regain the scholarship by bringing their cumulative GPA above 3.0; however, they will not receive any future probationary periods.


How many University Scholars are there?

There are currently 285 University Scholars. For our next cohort, we hope to bring approximately 120 additional University Scholars to campus.


Do all the University Scholars students selected live in the same dorm?

First year University Scholars live with other Honors students in the living learning community at our International Village, Northeastern's modern, award-winning dormitory residence. After their first year, Scholars are guaranteed housing on campus throughout their time at Northeastern.


What are you looking for in a University Scholar?

Prospective University Scholars are invited to join this highly accomplished group of future leaders and innovators based upon their demonstrated:

• Outstanding academic achievement (top 1-2% of applicant pool)
Creativity inside and outside the classroom
Energy, ideas, and ambition to innovate
• Interdisciplinary curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit
Vision, confidence, maturity and resourcefulness
Passion to make a positive difference in this world and a strong character


Is there a regularly scheduled "study break" for these students...for example every Wednesday at 4pm there is a speaker, class, outing, discussion group, physical activity, social activity?

Each month, there are meetings of the University Scholars Packs, smaller groupings of University Scholars. These Pack Meetings provide Scholars with the opportunity to share feedback with the Faculty Fellows about the Program, get to know one another, and plan service, leadership, and cultural activities for their smaller group. In addition to this monthly meeting, the Scholars meet regularly for workshops and other intellectual programming.


How are mentors selected for each student? 

The mentors are selected for incoming students through a collaboration between the Program Director, the College Deans and the Department Heads. They select mentors based on the information contained within the Scholars' application to Northeastern. The mentors speak with students selected to enter the program during a spring recruiting session, our summer orientation, and continue this relationship throughout this first year. As the Scholar progresses and student interests change, we help students identify new or other mentors.


Is there one point person as advisor for each student who is easily accessible to the student for five years?

During the four to five years that students are in the program, the Program Director, Associate Director and Faculty Fellows serve as the main University Scholars advisors to students. In addition to regularly scheduled meetings, the Director, Associate Director, and Faculty Fellows are readily available to students.


 Can advisors help students clear the administrative hurdles that sometimes arise when pursuing an interdisciplinary course of study at a large university?

Yes. Our goal is to facilitate the creation of individualized academic paths at the university and we work with various departments on campus to make this as seamless and as easy as possible.


Is the University Scholarship available to international students?

Yes. In our current crop of Scholars, you will find students from 37 countries, in addition to students from across the United States.


Is there an event for admitted Scholars?

There will be an event for admitted Scholars to visit campus, meet with the current Scholars and students, the program director, faculty fellows and potential mentors in March.


I live abroad. Can you help me to get a visa to attend the Welcome Event?

Unfortunately not.  Non-US citizens or green card holders must travel to the US on a non-immigrant visa.  Information on how to obtain such visa can be found on the website of the US consulate in your country.  We are able to offer letters verifying that you will be attending the University Scholars Welcome Event.


Is it possible to be accepted to the Scholars Program in my second or third year of attending university?

We do not offer acceptance into the Scholars Program after the first year.