Invaluable Network

The Scholars enjoy a trip to Spectacle Island for a Clambake and participate in a city-wide Scavenger Hunt.

The University Scholars Program builds friendships that challenge, inspire, and endure.

Amid the vibrant Northeastern community in the heart of Boston, the University Scholars have a special bond.  Today, the Scholars challenge, support, and advise each other. Tomorrow, these colleague scholars will each become subject experts, global citizens, valued collaborators, and influential in expanding each other’s knowledge and worldview.  These are the bonds that span careers and lifetimes and will enhance the career connections provided by faculty mentors and Northeastern’s powerful alumni network.

The University Scholars build this bond in many ways -- not the least of which is through their shared learning living experience.  At Northeastern, we recognize that students often learn as much from their peers as from their professors and that learning is not confined to the four walls of the classroom. To this end, we have created communities where the Scholars can interact with other avid learners on a daily basis and benefit from the knowledge of their older peers. University Scholars live alongside other Honors students in our International Village, the University's newest residence hall and an award-winning piece of urban architecture.