Advanced Exploration

A second-year student works in Professor Pollastri's Neglected Disease Drug Discovery Laboratory

University Scholars demand to be challenged, are passionate about learning, and innovate when given the freedom to explore.

Our Scholars are smart, curious, ambitious and heading places. That's why as a Program we try to feed their curiosity and provide ample opportunities for each scholar to learn about and participate in leading-edge research and creative projects that advance and create knowledge. These opportunities take many different forms -- from helping students get into labs to finding research mentors in the private sector to creating opportunities for Scholars to engage in dialogues with important visitors to campus. Our University Scholars are not just learning about research, but getting involved with knowledge production from the outset of their careers here.

In our Dinners & Discussions, we invite 2 to 3 important people from on campus, in Boston, and around the world to share their expertise with our Scholars. Each guest emerges from a different field of study -- one's a scientist talking about how diseases spread, another a lawyer discussing how changes in HIV/AIDS policy are impacting international policy, another a filmmaker documenting the political struggles of HIV+ men in ACT-UP during the 1980's. In this way, the interdisciplinary conversation can generate new and unexpected insights while the intimate conversations provide more opportunities for the Scholars to make valuable connections. The Scholars are charged with researching the work of each of our presenters and being ready to discuss it over an informal dinner; this is a terrific opportunity for our Scholars to get to know those doing some of the best thinking around and a challenge to our Scholars to become public intellectuals in their own right.