Josiah (Joe) Straw

Year: 2015

Major: Chemical Engineering

Member Since: Fall '10

Currently in the awkward “middler” stage of his life at Northeastern, Josiah has been in the UniSons for over two full years. As a chemical engineering student working in the biotech field, he hopes to attend med school, only so he can be called Dr. Strawser someday. Finding his role in the ‘Sons as the assistant to the music director, he works on furthering the UniSons’ diverse repertoire as he arranges with passion, confidence, and impossible falsetto lines. He fills up his spare time by yelling with Chris about the lack of lanes, being pulled out of vans by Sweeze, making Swatt walk close to birds, and cleaning his apartment after slam dunking occurs. He looks forward to his rest of the time with the UniSons, and if that doesn’t work out, you can expect to see him with his own Fall Out Boy tribute a cappella group.

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