Dan Penza

Year: 2017

Major: ____

Member Since: Fall '12

Hey there sports fans.
Dan is 6' tall, 175 lbs. In his free time, he enjoys watching television and singing songs with the Unisons. This is Dan's first year at Northeastern University, and he's excited to have a strong rookie showing. Dan's heroes include Ron Swanson, Captain America, and all other things man. Prior to his days at Northeastern, Dan was a proud winner of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, held tri-annually across the country. Though he'd never tell you unless you asked, Dan was voted most awesome by 62% of American females. Dan would like to thank his parents, Mr. Ryan Wexler Sir, and Hotdog boy for making this all possible. He hopes to add another strong voice and a year of fun to the Unisons.

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