Ben Bungert

Year: 2016

Major: Buisness

Member Since: Spring '12

Ben was, until recently, the newest member of the UNISONS. He has since taken the back seat to the unibaby name and is now a full fledged member of the handsome, talented unisons. You may know him from his killer rendition of Goodnight Sweetheart, or by his good looks and witty jokes. When not performing, practicing, or kicking it with his fellow member, he can be found at Taco Bell or Qdoba snarfing down a delicious quesadilla, or being studious. On a more serious note, he is thrilled to be in the unisons and cannot wait for this semester to get underway. Look for us at upcoming shows on and off campus, and prepare yourselves to be wowed with some new digs and timeless style.

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