The Lowdown

The groups' true beginning occurred at the end of Fall 2007 when founder Aaron Templar Smith realized that while Northeastern had a blooming and booming arts community, there were no truly professionally oriented male a cappella groups on campus and there was a perceptively high demand for one. The hard work began then and eventually concluded at the end of Fall 2008 with the acceptance of the original eight singers. Their combined vision was to produce an a cappella experience that anybody could enjoy while promoting the arts at Northeastern and Boston through extensive collaboration. After a short battle for University-recognized group status the UniSons officially became an official group February 22nd, 2009. The Northeastern University UniSons made their explosive debut on campus with a spectacular performance on March 20th, 2009.

By the time the group reached its 1 year anniversary, it had become well established on campus and was regularly invited to perform at high profile venues like the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and several charity events per month. In the Spring of 2011 the UniSons made their competitive debut when they qualified for ICCA quarterfinals and it was about this time they decided they should begin recording their first album. Production on this creative masterpiece is still underway (as the result of a surprising discovery that they had a lot to learn about recording technology) but keep your ears and eyes alert for news of a release date. They are putting everything they have into its creation.

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