Our first album, Off the Cabeza, is available for purchase online! Click for more information.

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President Aoun!

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AOTA Showcase

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#Got Balls?

About Us

The Unisons were founded in 2008. Known best for their unequivocal good looks and irresistible charm, they spend most of their time scouring Huntington Ave. for eligible bachelorettes of all ages. Their perfect date would involve 15 women, a gift card to Boloco, and a trip to the Garment District while wearing tweed jackets. They also sing... Meatloaf, The Cranberries, and Cake serve as this Northeastern University group's main influences and favorite foods. The UniSons love to sing with groups aplenty in Boston and abroad. So contact these professional hooligans and they will be overjoyed to sing with you!

Check out the contact page if you have any questions for the group.

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