Grant Recipients 2013-14

  • Lucas Graf; Double Major in Criminal Justice & International Affairs (with a Concentration in the Middle East)
    Exploring the affect of education on comprehension: the challenge of understanding jury instructions
    Faculty Mentor, Janet Randall
  • Dena Guo; Physics
    Limits of Human Timing Accuracy
    Faculty Mentor, Dagmar Sternad
  • Lewis Raibley; Civil Engineering
    Life Cycle Assessment of Single- vs Multi-Use Laryngoscopes
    Faculty Mentor, Dr. Matthew Eckelman
  • Alyssa Britt; Sociology
    Contested Spaces: Homelessness and Public Libraries
    Faculty Mentor, Professor Sylvia Dominguez
  • Misael Abreu; Biology
    Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures Family Gym- Improving Community Outreach Through Exercise Prescriptions
    Faculty Mentor, Carmen Sceppa
  • Caitriona Foley; International Business
    Empowering Women through Microfinance
    Faculty Mentor, Professor Grigorios Livanis
  • Joshua Kruchten; Biology
    Competition of CREB and UDG/OGG1 for CRE?
    Faculty Mentor, Phyllis Strauss
  • Julie Hugunin; Biology
    Investigating the Role of CACN-1 in Germline Stem Cell Development
    Faculty Mentor, Erin Cram
  • Jacob Barlow; Chemical Engineering/Biochemistry
    Encapsulation of Bacteria in a Semi-Permeable Polymersome
    Faculty Mentor, Yunrong Chai and Anne Van De Ven-Moloney
  • Zachary Daniel Stromer; Environmental geology and chemistry
    Comparing the sediment signature of Hurricane Sandy with historic and prehistoric storm deposits
    Faculty Mentor, Richard Bailey
  • Fazli Bozal; Biochemistry (making switch to Chemical Engineering
    Proteomic Response of Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Shear Force
    Faculty Mentor, Shashi K. Murthy
  • Jonathan Malsan; Physics
    Extraction of Optical Properties
    Faculty Mentor, Dr. Jose Martinez-Lorenzo
  • Julia Cowenhoven; Biology
    Neuroplasticity in Acquisition and Retention of Asymmetric Bimanual Movement
    Faculty Mentor, Prof. Dagmar Sternad
  • Juliette Kassas; Biochemistry
    Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping through Chemotaxis-based Microfluidics for the Diagnosis of Eye Disease
    Faculty Mentor, Shashi Murthy
  • Margarita Limcaoco; International Affairs, minors in Social Entrepreneurship and Business Administration
    Education to Experience: Social Entrepreneurship in Ghana
    Faculty Mentor, Rebecca Riccio
  • Gerald LaMountain; Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Improving the Current State of SSVEP-based Brain-Computer Interfaces
    Faculty Mentor, Deniz Erdogmus
  • Jenny Zhu; Biology
    Characterization of Stem Cell Distribution and Proliferation Patterns in the Cerebellum of Teleost Fish
    Faculty Mentor, Gunther K.H. Zupanc
  • Anthony Lamattina; Biology
    Electroporation-mediated Transfection in Manduca sexta
    Faculty Mentor, Wendy Smith
  • Daniel Song; Electrical Engineering
    Brain Interfaced Speller using the Emotiv EPOC EEG Acquisition System
    Faculty Mentor, Deniz Erdogmus
  • Benjamin Moran; Marine Biology
    Quality analysis of the A. leptorhynchus transcriptome
    Faculty Mentor, Gunther K. H. Zupanc
  • Rachel Fontana, Maureen McGill and Brian Dobosh; Biology
    Cloning and expression of zebrafish and human mdm2
    Faculty Mentor, Phyllis R. Strauss
  • Rebecca O'Keefe; Biology
    Dissecting the DNA Damage Response of Acinetobacter baumannii
    Faculty Mentor, Veronica Godoy
  • Kara Wiggin; Environmental Science, Marine Sci concentration
    Panama 2014
    Faculty Mentor, Steve Vollmer
  • Carlo Sartori, Marietta Alcover, Philip Lena, Camilo Madriz and Alexander Pepjonovich; Mechanical Engineering
    Interactive Bicyclist Accident Prevention System (iBAPS)
    Faculty Mentor, Constantinos Mavroidis
  • Estelle Beguin; Chemical Engineering
    Response of cellular receptors in bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells
    Faculty Mentor, Shashi Murthy
  • Miglia Cornejo and Kassi Stein; Chemical Engineering
    Optimizing the Genetic Engineering of Catharanthus Roseus Hairy Root Cultures
    Faculty Mentor, Carolyn Lee-Parsons
  • Garrick Adolf, Michael Bolton, Thomas Bonia, Sean Daly & Melanie Jessel; Mechanical Engineering
    alliGAITr (Automated Lower Limb Instrument for Gait Rehabilitation)
    Faculty Mentor, Constantinos Mavroidis
  • Chloe Cheung; Criminal Justice
    Norfolk Sheriff's Office Recidivism Study
    Faculty Mentor, Natasha Frost
  • Morgan R. Barker; Economics
    Editing out the Zero Price Effect
    Faculty Mentor, Professor William Dickens
  • Matthew Nguyen; Behavioral Neuroscience
    Circadian Rhythm and Vertebrate Regeneration
    Faculty Mentor, James Monaghan
  • Krystyna Demkiw; Chemistry
    Thiol-containing hetero bi-functional linker
    Faculty Mentor, Robert Hanson
  • McKensie Collins; Biology
    Application of CRISPRs for genetic knockdown in Manduca sexta
    Faculty Mentor, Wendy Smith
  • Alex Anatone; Behavioral Neuroscience
    Prophenoloxidase Knockout
    Faculty Mentor, Wendy Smith
  • Stephanie Wang; Physical Therapy
    Learning from Exploration: A Reinforcement Approach to Gait Rehabilitation
    Faculty Mentor, Sheng-Che Yen, PT, PhD and Christopher Hasson, PhD
  • Tracy Chang; Chemistry
    Synthesis of Fluorinated Radiotracer for Detection of Alzheimer's Disease
    Faculty Mentor, Robert Hanson
  • Brett Diamond; Biology
    A novel approach to monitoring DinB localization
    Faculty Mentor, Dr. Veronica Godoy-Carter
  • Ben Silverstein; Entrepreneurship
    Role of the transcription factor FOXO in insect growth and response to stress
    Faculty Mentor, Wendy Smith
  • Justin Roberts; Chemistry
    Solution Dynamics of the TEC Family of Tyrosine Kinases by Hydrogen Exchange Mass Spectrometry
    Faculty Mentor, Prof. John Engen
  • Meriem Bahira; Physics
    Quantifying the DNA Binding Kinetics of a Ruthenium Dimer Complex with a Flexible Linker
    Faculty Mentor, Mark Williams
  • Ryan Heitsmith; Criminology and Criminal Justice
    Identifying and Understanding Labor Trafficking
    Faculty Mentor, Amy Farrell
  • Ethan Rauf and Devon Grodkiewicz; Political Science
    Northeastern Delegation to the UN Conference on Climate Change in Warsaw, Poland
    Faculty Mentor, Denise Garcia
  • Trithep Devakul; Physics
    Identification of Magneli Phase in TiO2 Resistive Switching Devices
    Faculty Mentor, Don Heiman
  • Benjamin Moran; Marine Biology
    Annotation of the A. leptorhynchus transcriptome
    Faculty Mentor, Gunther K. H. Zupanc
  • Justin Bioc; Pharmacy
    Cost-Effectiveness of Benzodiazepine vs. Non-Benzodiazepine Sedation during Mechanical Ventilation
    Faculty Mentor, John Devlin
  • Meredith Rogazzo; Physical Therapy
    Improving Control of a Virtual Arm with Vibrotactile Feedback
    Faculty Mentor, Christopher J Hasson
  • Dylan Vance; Biology
    Targeted Drug Delivery and Intracellular Trafficking Study of Chemotherapeutic Drugs
    Faculty Mentor, Dr. Ban-An Khaw
  • Caralyn Baxter; Physical Therapy
    Impairments in scapular muscle thickness during submaximal contraction support motor control deficits in individuals with scapular dyskinesis
    Faculty Mentor, Dr. Amee L. Seitz
  • Joseph Rigby; Physical Therapy
    An examination of the association between altered lumbar motor control, joint hypermobility and low back pain in an athletic population.
    Faculty Mentor, Marie Corkery and Adam Thomas
  • Meriem Bahira; Physics
    Quantifying the DNA Binding Kinetics of a Ruthenium Dimer Complex with a Flexible Linker
    Faculty Mentor, Mark Williams
  • Kaci Coveleski; Pharmacy
    TNF-a effects on downstream signaling through ERK, p38 and JNK pathways
    Faculty Mentor, Dr. Ralph Loring
  • Marisa Brawerman and Nirali Shah; Physical Therapy
    An Integrated Educational Model: Evaluation, Enhancement, and Best Practices to Sustain an International Service Learning Partnership
    Faculty Mentor, Lorna Hayward
  • Aakansha Bhalla; Pharmacy
    Effectiveness of Pro-Drugs in Cancer Cell Therapy
    Faculty Mentor, Dr. Ban-An Khaw
  • Sruti Patel; Behavioral Neuroscience
    Investigating the Regulation of G10H expression by ZCT1
    Faculty Mentor, Erin Cram
  • Catherine Aust; Environmental Studies
    Real Food Challenge National Summit
    Faculty Mentor, Chrisopher Bosso
  • Eric Forbush; Communication Studies
    Survey of Social Media Use Among Chinese Students Beginning to Study in the United States
    Faculty Mentor, Professor Brooke Foucault Welles
  • Paresh Kumar; Pharmacy
    5 Ps of Pharmacy Assessment
    Faculty Mentor, Michael Gonyeau
  • Connor Goddard; International Affairs & Political Science
    The Development of Political Parties in Jordan
    Faculty Mentor, Dr. Denis Sullivan
  • Justin Bioc and other student presenters for 18 professional presentations; Pharmacy
    Presentations at the American Society of Health System Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting in Orlando, FL
    Faculty Mentor, Roger Edwards
  • Kenneth Venere; Physical Therapy
    Cultural Competency and Professional Identity Formation in Physical Therapist Students: A Longitudinal Study presentation at the American Physical Therapy Association Annual Meeting in Las Vegas
    Faculty Mentor, Lorna Hayward
  • Molly Jane Kirk; Behavioral Neuroscience
    Steroid-mediated plasticity of teleost hindbrain vocal motoneurons in vitro
    Faculty Mentor, Jade Zee