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At Northeastern University, we appreciate the unique talents and interests of each of our students. We know opportunities for academic and career exploration are vital to the development of well-rounded and successful individuals. As an integral part of our Program, students will meet with faculty and upperclassmen from many different majors. They will hear personal accounts of experiential learning opportunities, including co-op, study abroad, research, as well as service-learning. Students quickly learn that opportunities at Northeastern are almost limitless and transformative in nature.

NU Horizons-Meet Your Mentors 

NU Horizons is a student group led by Peer Mentors and Teaching Assistants. Peer Mentors and Teaching Assistants are students who have already chosen a major and are available to support and guide you as you explore academic options. We hope to see you at a meeting!

Exploring Majors

The exploration process for choosing a major is very personal and, of course, each student has his or her own deliberative process. We offer many different ways for students to pursue their journey of discovery. Our Meet the Majors Fair, which kicks off each semester, brings together faculty and students from majors across the University, all in the same place at the same time, providing students with an introduction to our myriad of major offerings.

Students also enjoy attending our weekly What’s in a Major programs as an opportunity to browse through our menu of majors. In these programs we gather together smaller groups of faculty, co-op coordinators and upperclass students to give students the chance to hear about majors in which they may be interested. These programs also connect students with others engaged in the same quest.

Students are encouraged to continue to explore major interests through connecting with faculty doing research in areas that interest them, engaging in community service or internships, participating in faculty-led summer semester study abroad experiences, entitled Dialogues of Civilizations, as well as our signature program, co-operative education. We make sure students are aware of these opportunities and encourage them to take full advantage of them.

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Meet the Majors

This opening event introduces undeclared students to the wide variety of majors available to them across Northeastern. Faculty, co-op coordinators and students from the many majors offered at the University gather at tables on the Cabot Indoor Track early in the fall semester to talk with students interested in their programs. Students are encouraged to visit with faculty and students and begin their exploration process.

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What’s in a Major Series

The Program for Undeclared Students offers a programming series during the fall and spring semesters designed to provide information on specific majors to interested students. These programs, entitled What’s in a Major, give undeclared students the opportunity to hear from faculty and students from different majors talk about their experiences both in and outside the classroom. A delicious and free lunch is served at the Wednesday noontime programs and light refreshments are served at the Thursday afternoon programs. We welcome anyone who is interested.

What former students have had to say about their experiences with these programs:

“The What’s in a Major programs were the most informative because they presented an opportunity to meet upperclassmen in a certain major and talk with them. It served as a good introduction if you attended one about a major that you may not have been interested in previously.”

“The What’s in a Major sessions were both informative and beneficial. I attended the psychology and the sociology/cultural anthropology sessions. They made me more excited about looking into each of these majors and they gave me a heads up about what to expect in the years to come if I do choose the major.”

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What’s in a Major Videos

Visit our YouTube Channel for more videos!

The Majors


Experiential Opportunities

Experiential learning is one of the things that Northeastern does best! We’ve been integrating experiential and classroom learning for over a century now! At Northeastern University, undeclared students have access to real-world experience in a variety of settings: co-op, undergraduate student research, community service and service learning, and global experiences, including study abroad, international co-op, and Dialogues for Civilizations. Students take advantage of this access in order to help with their decision-making processes as well as to enhance their own individual growth and development.

Visit the Experiential Learning website for more information on the many opportunities that are available.

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Undeclared freshmen may choose a service-learning section of FSEM1000 which will provide the opportunity for students to explore their interests, develop professional skills and prepare for their first co-op experience. The service-learning sections will serve weekly at a local organization outside of class, helping students become more familiar with the Boston community. Their service will be integrated into the FSEM1000 Connections and Decisions curriculum and allow students the unique opportunity of experiential learning in their first semester.

Here is a list of our Service-Learning Community Partners:

-Boston Rescue Mission
-Boston Scholar Athlete Program
-Generation Citizen
-Hostelling International, Cultural Kitchen
-Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures
-Peace through Play
-Strong Women, Strong Girls
-Tobin Community Center
-United South End Settlements (USES)
-Yawkey Boys & Girls Club of Roxbury
-YMCA of Greater Boston, King K-8 School
-Youth Development Initiative Program (YDIP)

For more information on the range of service-learning opportunities offered by our Service Learning website.

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Co-operative education is the signature program of Northeastern University. We encourage undeclared students to take full advantage of the wide range of co-op opportunities to help them explore their interests and get to know their own values and skills in a more reflective and guided process. We introduce students to the co-op process in their freshman seminar, FSEM1000: Connections and Decisions. In this course, students will use the Explore Co-op database (accessible in their MyNEU portals) to learn about the kinds of jobs that are available in different majors. Students find that this research serves to enhance their decision-making process, reinforcing their current interests or helping them to develop new direction.

Undeclared students also have the option of taking a co-op prep class in the fall of their sophomore year in order to participate on a first co-op experience in the spring of their sophomore year, before making a commitment to a major. Students work closely with a co-op advisor as they go through the process of looking into possible co-op jobs and then applying and interviewing for jobs. Through the first co-op placement, students are able to explore work settings that they may or may not enjoy and to build confidence as they gain hands-on experience in the workplace.

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Northeastern University seeks to engage students in a pursuit of international experiences, both academically and experientially. To that end, students can participate pursue a wide variety of culturally immersive programs;

Study Abroad
Click here for more information from the Office of International Study Programs.

International Coop and Internships
Click here for more information from the International Co-op Office.


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Students interested in learning more about a specific field or company or organization are strongly encouraged to work with Career Services to look into internship possibilities. Internships are a wonderful way to explore various workplace settings and to gain valuable experience. We encourage undeclared students in particular to consider doing an internship in the summer after their freshman year.

Click here for more information about internships and how Career Services can help you.


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Undeclared students have the opportunity to take advantage of the rich academic life at Northeastern by participating in faculty-student research experiences. Working closely with faculty on their research is an exciting way to enhance students’ intellectual development and teach them valuable teamwork skills.

Click here to learn more about student research on our campus.

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Community Service

At Northeastern, all students can participate in a wide variety of community service activities. These activities are designed to make students feel that they are actively engaged in the neighborhoods around the University by affording them opportunities to help in many different valuable and hands-on ways.

Please click here to learn more about these opportunities to serve.

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Learning Communities

The living learning community in on-campus housing  for undeclared students, NU Journeys,  serves as an integrated social and academic support program as students begin their exploration process. Each year about 50 students choose to live in this LLC.  A team of enthusiastic residential life staff work with our advising staff to develop and implement a variety of community building, social, and academic programs offered throughout the year to help students adjust to college life, connect to one another, succeed academically, and choose a major. Students enjoy being a part of the NU Journeys community, supporting each other towards their destination majors.

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