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Advisors for undeclared students foster academic and personal achievement by connecting students to the wide range of opportunities available at the University and by providing personal guidance to the students as they explore their options.   The undeclared advisors are experienced and highly knowledgeable about all of the academic programs, as well as about co-op, internships, research, and study abroad and are experts in helping students figure out how to use these opportunities to explore the path that is right for them. We encourage students to see their advisors so they can provide the personal guidance that will help students make the most out of their year in the Program for Undeclared Students and beyond.

In addition, we know first-hand that students also learn best when connecting with their peers, so we have built a strong and many-tiered peer support system for undeclared students. Our peer programs consist of Teaching Assistants, Peer Mentors, NUin Student Liaisons and Coordinators.  These committed undergraduates are available to provide one-on-one tips and connections, as well as to share their own perspectives.

Finally, undeclared students are encouraged to access faculty in the programs in which they are interested.  The faculty advisors are the experts in their fields of study and are the best people for the undeclared students to speak with about such things as:

  • topics of interest within a discipline
  • research areas in the specific disciplines
  • how majors relate to graduate school or career goals

Academic Advising

Advising for undeclared students occurs in One Meserve Hall.

The Explore Program advisors are:

Jan Swindlehurst (
Sara Leavitt (
Stacey Bryant Bishop (

These advisors are available to discuss the wide range of stimulating academic programs offered at the University, entrance requirements for the majors, course choices, career goals, and other academic issues.   Sara, Stacy and Jan also have easy access to faculty advisors in the majors and, as undeclared students express interest in exploring specific programs, refer students to the appropriate faculty for further information.

To schedule an appointment with Sara, Stacey and Jan please call 617-373-2306 or stop by 1 Meserve.  Students can also sign up for appointments with them through their MyNEU accounts.

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Co-op Advising

Undeclared students can contact Craig Bettinson,  at 617-272-4261 or email him at for information about co-op.  Craig teaches EXED 2000, which introduces our students to the co-op process and prepares them for their first co-op experience.  Undeclared students can take this  one-credit co-op prep class in the fall of their sophomore year in anticipation of going out on co-op in the spring of their sophomore year.   It is not necessary to declare a major prior to going on a first co-op.  Indeed, we believe that the opportunity to experience a particular field through work experience is extremely valuable to undeclared students as they go through the process of exploring areas of study and majors.

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Peer Programs

Interested in becoming a part of our Peer Programs?
The Northeastern Explore Program is proud to offer a strong network of peer support with the help of many enthusiastic and successful student leaders. These positions include:

      • Peer Mentors
      • Teaching Assistants
      • NUin Student Liaisons
      • Coordinators

We strongly encourage our undeclared students to take advantage of the peer support services to learn from those who have had first-hand experience. Our student leaders are former undeclared students who have gone through the exploration process that our new undeclared students are just beginning. 

We encourage our freshmen to consider giving back as they move into their sophomore year by becoming a participant in one of the peer programs.  If you are interested in applying for one of the above positions, please email Brooke Hoger at for more information.

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Student Leaders

Student leaders are undergraduate students who assist new undeclared students by sharing their own knowledge and experiences at the University. They are enthusiastic about the opportunities for personal growth and achievement that they have discovered at Northeastern and are eager to share it with students about to embark on their own process of discovery. We are happy to offer three different roles for our student leaders:

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are each assigned to a section of FSEM1000, sharing their own experiences and offering helpful suggestions to students on an individual basis. The peer mentor will attend class weekly and provide guidance and encouragement to students as they begin to explore their academic interests and work towards choosing a major. Peer mentors will be responsible for working closely with each student in the class to develop their Major Exploration, or “ME” Plan. Peer mentors are also asked to plan “field trips” outside of class that will help students become aware of academic resources and connect to the NU community.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants are upper-class students involved in the planning and teaching of a section of FSEM1000, the first-year seminar for undeclared students. In collaboration with the instructors who teach the course, the teaching assistants lead activities designed to encourage reflection and widen the students’ knowledge base. They also work with the FSEM1000 instructor, planning curriculum and facilitating class discussion.  TAs are also asked to work with the peer mentor to plan “field trips” outside of class that will help students become aware of academic resources and connect to the NU community.  We expect teaching assistants to support first-semester students in their transition to college.

Teaching assistants also offer guidance and support as new freshmen learn about the many opportunities available for them at Northeastern and beyond.  Our teaching assistants are a wonderful resource for students and are available to answer questions and provide guidance from a perspective that is different from that of the instructor of the course.

NUin Student Liaisons serve as a support system to our undeclared NUin students studying abroad for the fall semester of their freshman year. NUin Liaisons work with our NUin students via Skype and other forms of social media to prepare them to come to the Boston campus in the spring semester, ready to explore their academic interests and engage in campus activities and winter fun.


Coordinators perform administrative functions to help with the management of the Program for Undeclared Students.  They assist with various programs including:  events planning; public relations; assessment and evaluation; and social media networking.  They also act as mentors for the undeclared student group, NU Horizons.   This is a paid position for third, fourth and fifth-year students with strong organizational and leadership skills.  This is also the next step up the ladder for Peer Mentors, Teaching Assistants and NUin Student Liaisons who have shown initiative and active engagement in the Northeastern Explore Program.

We encourage students to get to know their student leaders as they have a great deal of campus knowledge and a strong understanding of their own majors.  We know students enjoy learning from other students and trust this will be a great way for you to begin your Northeastern journey.

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Career Development

The Program for Undeclared Students partners with the Office of Career Services to ensure that programs and workshops are available for undeclared students.   They also work with students individually in one-on-one sessions to help students gain the self-knowledge and awareness necessary to further their progress on the path to explore majors and ultimately make the decision that is right for them.

Career Development counselors are located in 101 Stearns Hall.  The Career Development website offers resources and links to key sites that will help students research majors, in addition to finding internships, careers and co-op opportunities.

Students can make appointments with Career Development counselors by going through MyNEU or by calling 617-373-2430.

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