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The Northeastern Explore Program offers students the opportunity to experience spirited engagement with the University and community at large while exploring the wealth of our rigorous academic offerings.  Students explore a rich academic life and gain real-world experience in a stimulating, intellectual community, both in and outside of the classroom.  The program has top-notch academic advisors who are committed to guiding their students in their exploration.

Between our personalized approach to advising, our exciting academic and exploratory programming, and the richness of our experiential learning opportunities, the Explore Program helps students arrive at that “aha” moment when they realize they have discovered their passion and are on their way.

Our Students

Our students are the largest group of incoming first-year students to enter the University each year, and they are among the strongest! They choose our program because they want to take the time to explore the extensive range of opportunities that the University offers.  They are students who make the most of experiencing the rich academic connections made in our classrooms and laboratories, as well as in real-life work settings through co-op and internships.  Our students engage the world and take advantage of multiple choices of combined and interdisciplinary majors and minors in order to best utilize their many and varied talents. In addition, undeclared students enjoy Northeastern’s urban location, which opens up another vista, allowing them to experience all that Boston has to offer, in terms of the history, the arts, culture, sports, entertainment, and community service.

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Undeclared Alumni Testimonials

Dan Chakmakjian – Business Administration, BSBA, May 2015
April 14, 2013 Welcome Day Speech delivered to Newly Admitted Undeclared Students

Matt Mariano – Communication Studies, BA, May 2015

Current employment:

Company: MOO (moo.com) MOO is an online print and design company

Title: Digital Marketing Coordinator

November 10, 2012 Welcome Day Speech delivered to Newly Admitted Undeclared Students



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