About Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Team at University Health and Counseling Services is dedicated to assisting all students on campus prevent, treat, and overcome exercise-related injuries, and increase overall healthy lifestyles and performance. We offer our services to athletes and non-athletes alike.

Our guiding principles are grounded in the American College of Sports Medicine and follow the practice of Sports Medicine as described by The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM). The AMSSM "describes the practice of Sports Medicine as focusing on the non-operative medical treatment of musculoskeletal sports conditions. While a large part of the Primary Care Sports Medicine (PCSM) physician’s practice focuses on the management of musculoskeletal injuries, the PCSM physician also evaluates and treats all medical conditions affecting the athlete (including acute illness, chronic medical conditions such as hypertension, acute injury, overuse injuries, heat illness, amenorrhea), overseas all medications the athlete takes, performs pre-participation evaluations, ensures compliance with the respective governing bodies, and oversees nutritional and rehabilitation programs." (www.saem.org)