Allergy Shots

Students may receive allergy shots while in school. They are administered weekdays by appointment. Students must provide their own allergy serum with vials labeled with student's name, serum contents, and expiration date.

Students are also responsible for providing detailed instructions from the prescribing physician. The information must include dosage schedules with directions for reactions and overdue or missed injections. UHCS can provide refrigeration for serum.

A student must have an appointment with a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant to review the prescribing physician's instructions and plan of care, prior to scheduling an appointment with a nurse to administer the allergy shot.

There is a $10 charge for the administration of an allergy shot. This fee can be paid for by credit, debit, or Husky Dollars at UHCS. NO CASH can be taken. To pay with cash, visit the Cashier's office in Richard's Hall in advance. Please bring your receipt with you to UHCS as proof of payment.