Applying to the LDP

The Learning Disabilities Program (LDP) offers placement to a limited number of students. To initiate the admissions process, the student must complete the following:

  • Application to the University through the Undergraduate Admissions
  • Application to the LDP - Please visit our Forms page to access the application.

As space is limited, we recommend that applicants submit their LDP application immediately upon their decision to attend the University.


  1. Send LDP materials (application and documentation) to:

    Jennifer Newton
    Learning Disabilities Program
    Northeastern University
    135 Forsyth Building
    Boston, MA 02115

  2. Call the LDP at (617) 373-4526 when you've been accepted to the University.
  3. Schedule a personal interview.
  4. Students who are accepted into the LDP are informed personally by the program director.