Application Process

Medical leave requests must be initiated through University Health and Counseling Services by submitting a completed request form and documentation from a clinician supporting the medical leave.

Re-entry from a medical leave requires receipt of all documentation delivered to UHCS on or around one month prior to the planned re-entry to classes. Documentation must include a completed request for re-entry form, a clinician's letter recommending that student return to classes and description of care given, and documentation from a clinician outside of UHCS of an appointment date after re-entry. Students must attend classes on Northeastern campus for the semester they wish to return from Medical Leave of Absence.

All documentation from a clinician must be submitted on letterhead via fax, mail, or hand delivered. The Referral Coordinators will contact the student if there is missing documentation. Once all documentation is received by the MLOA team, it will be reviewed and student will be notified of decision.

The Referral Coordinators will assist in the MLOA process and in finding community referrals upon return from MLOA if needed. They can be reached at (617) 373-2772, option #4 or by email