Fall 2005

Date Place Speaker Title
September 15 Northeastern
509 Lake Hall
Gil Kalai
Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Yale University
Harmonic analysis of Boolean functions
September 22 MIT
Room 2-190
Ron Fintushel
Michigan State University
Small 4-manifolds
September 29 Brandeis
317 Goldsmith
Soren Galatius
Stanford University
Stable homology of automorphism groups of free groups
October 6 Northeastern
102 West Village G (NOTE UNUSUAL PLACE)
Efim Zelmanov
University of California, San Diego
Profinite groups
October 13 MIT
Room 2-190
Terence Tao
University of California, Los Angeles
Uncertainty principles, high-dimensional geometry, and sparse recovery
October 20 Harvard
Science Center D
John Conway
Princeton University
15- and 290- Theorems
October 27 Brandeis
317 Goldsmith
Ralf Schiffler
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Quiver representations: basic facts and some recent developments
November 3 Northeastern
509 Lake Hall
Mark Andrea de Cataldo
SUNY, Stony Brook
The Hodge theory of algebraic maps
November 10 Harvard
Science Center D
Edward Bierstone
University of Toronto
Functoriality in resolution of singularities
November 17 MIT
Room 2-190
Stephen DeBacker
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Harmonic analysis on reductive p-adic groups
December 1 Harvard
Science Center D
Edward Witten
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Gauge Theory and the Geometric Langlands Program
December 8 Brandeis
317 Goldsmith
Alexander Gorodnik
California Institute of Technology
Unipotent flows, discrete groups and equidistribution
December 15 Harvard
Science Center D
Paul Seidel
University of Chicago
The topology of Lagrangian submanifolds

The Colloquium is held on Thursday afternoons.
Tea is from 4:00 to 4:30.  Talks are from 4:30 to 5:30.

Colloquium organizers

Brandeis University Edward Goldstein
Harvard University Tom Coates
Andreea Nicoara
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kiran Kedlaya  
Jason Starr  
Northeastern University Andrei Zelevinsky

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