Northeastern University Triathlon Team

  • 3rd Place Female Conference 2012!
  • Mass State 2012
  • Nationals 2012
  • Mass State 2012

Pattie Lin

Name: Pattie Lin

Major & Graduation Year: Physical Therapy 2015

Favorite Discipline: Running

Favorite Distance: 10k

About Me: I never ran, biked or swam as a kid, but I signed up for cross country in high school on a whim and fell in love with it. I never knew how to ride a bike until 1.5 years ago (I still fall...a LOT), and I was never much of a swimmer, but I like the idea of pushing myself physically and mentally across multiple disciplines. I love our team and I am so excited for the seasons ahead! Oh and I almost never take off my watch so I get horrible watch tans in the summer.