Northeastern University Triathlon Team

  • 3rd Place Female Conference 2012!
  • Mass State 2012
  • Nationals 2012
  • Mass State 2012

Molly Sords

Name: Molly Sords

Major & Graduation Year: Physical Therapy 2017

Favorite Discipline: Running

Favorite Distance: 5K and longer

About Me: I was born and raised in a suburb just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, called Shaker Heights. I've been swimming since I was 6, and running since I was 12. During high school, I ran cross country, swam, and ran track for all 4 years, though I always preferred cross country. I'm excited to start racing triathlons and I hope to one day run the Boston Marathon! My favorite activities include talking to people during long runs and eating peanut butter (but not at the same time).