Northeastern University Triathlon Team

  • 3rd Place Female Conference 2012!
  • Mass State 2012
  • Nationals 2012
  • Mass State 2012

Katherine Ridgeway

Name: Katherine (Kate) Ridgeway

Major & Graduation Year: Physical Therapy 2017

Favorite Discipline: Running, although I have always swam.

Favorite Distance: 10K running. Open water 1mile

About Me: I am from a family of five that live in Fair Haven, New Jersey, a quaint suburban town near the shore, but not the stereotypical jersey shore. I have just recently gotten into Triathlons and my life goals are to complete the Boston Marathon and an Ironman. I have swam since I was six years old and have now stepped into running. I mostly love running with my yellow lab though! I love to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch, the Fourth of July and Christmas are  my favorite Holidays because of the baked goods.