Current Members


Name: Christina

Role: President/Choreographer

Voice Part: Soprano 1

Major/Year of Graduation:Political Communication 2017

Most Likely To: go on a dinner date with you

Least Likely To: decide on whether or not she is a blonde at heart

Favorite person: her grandmother ♥


Name: Sarah

Role: Vice President/Business Manager

Voice Part: Alto 1

Major/Year of Graduation: Communication Studies 2015

Side job: Founder, President, Dean of Admissions and Entire Student Body of Fit University

Most Likely To: be made of steel

Least Likely To: reach the high shelf for you


Name: Sammi

Role: Musical Director/Social Media

Voice Part: Alto 1

Major/Year of Graduation: Criminal Justice/Minor in Psychology 2015

Most Likely To: be the Unisons' mother

Least Likely To: know how to swim or ride a bike (did she have a childhood?)

Worst memory: getting hit by three birds on three separate occasions

Memorable quotes: That's what she said, Does this smell like chloroform to you? Shalom


Name: Emma

Voice Part: Alto 1

Major/Year of Graduation: International Affairs and Economics 2014 (dual major NOT DOUBLE)

Most Likely To: be running

Least Likely To: go out for a big steak dinner

Fun fact: once cried over Bruins' tickets and then tweeted about it

Dream job: towel girl at TD garden


Name: Emily

Role: Treasurer

Voice Part: Soprano 1

Major/Year of Graduation: Pharmacy 2019

Most Likely To: be sitting on Centennial

Least Likely To: have short hair

Featured Skill: dramatic tweeting


Name: Katie

Voice Part: Soprano 2

Major/Year of Graduation: International Affairs 2017

Most Likely To: end up on the moon and have no idea how she got there

Least Likely To: eat chicken unless it's fried

Favorite meal: Dunkin Donuts Texas Toast Grilled Cheese

Favorite Beverage: Cappuccino


Name: KC

Role: Assistant Music Director

Voice Part: Soprano 1

Major/Year of Graduation: Political Science 2017 with a Minor in Hillary Clinton

Most Likely To: murder Hillary Clinton and wear her skin (out of love)

Least Likely To: Vote Republican

Secret Talent: Twerkmaster


Name: Kelly

Voice Part: Soprano 2

Major/Year of Graduation: Psychology 2018

Most Likely To: get a lot of Facebook likes

Least Likely To: betray a fellow Delta Nu and give away their reputation-ruining alibi*

Notable Skills: great at making crazy snapchat faces



Name: Kellyanne

Role: Historian

Voice Part: Vocal Percussion

Major/Year of Graduation: Business Administration 2018

Most Likely To: trick you into thinking you're hearing a drum set

Least Likely To: sing, like ever

Fun fact: loves goldfish so much she got her face on a box of 'em


Name: Kristina

Voice Part: Alto 2 (basically on par with a male bass)

Major/Year of Graduation: Chemical Engineering 2018

Most Likely To: hit dat bass note and hit it good

Least Likely To: be called Kristina (she's KB to us)

Warmup Routine: chug a root beer float


Name: Lauren

Role: Advertising

Voice Part: Alto 2

Major/Year of Graduation: Finance and Mathematics 2017

Most Likely To: get that thing for you on the high shelf

Least Likely To: order a side of sandwich with her pickles

Specializes in: candy hoarding


Name: Lee

Role: Assistant Choreographer

Voice Part: Alto 2

Major/Year of Graduation: Business Administration and Management with a minor in Music Industry 2017

Most Likely To: wear awesome pants

Least Likely To: miss an EDM concert

Fun fact: her family is basically the Partridge family

Inactive Members/Recent Alumni

Jacquie (alum)

Carly (abroad)


Lindsey (alum)

Briana (alum)

Christina (alum)

Anet (alum)

Jasmine (alum)

More former members:

  • Anji Chithambo
  • Erica Diamantides
  • Julia Judge
  • Kaleigh Gilpin
  • Kerry Schlosser
  • Margreta York
  • Megan Torres
  • Nicole Tavares
  • Rosana Gambino
  • Emily McNab
  • Molly Moriarity
  • Meg Crawford
  • Francesca Sales
  • Gina Marzullo
  • Rachel Agar
  • Murielle Brenon
  • Priscilla Brito
  • Jessica Hopkins
  • Kaleigh Gilpin
  • Lauren Solo
  • Kristi Kehoe
  • Allison Ailor
  • Megan Alpert
  • Corie Scibelli
  • Kristen Wilkinson