US Airways Shuttle

The most cost effective way to purchase your shuttle tickets is through the ShuttlePro program. This is the only time you are encouraged to go outside of our preferred travel agencies. The ShuttlePro program allows you to purchase your tickets at a USAirways Shuttle kiosk at the discounted Northeastern fare. In order to participate in this program you must register. For directions.

US Airways Shuttle

Boston (BOS) – New York (LGA)
Boston (BOS) – D.C. (DCA)
New York (LGA) – D.C. (DCA)

The shuttle discount is great for frequent travelers flying to New York City or DC.

Reserve a Ticket

  1. Egencia When searching for a flight, place the above three letter initial in the “departing from” and “going to” fields. Select US Airways in the “Airline” field. Click on “Search Flights”.

  1. US Air Shuttle Kiosk Program
    This program is great for frequent travelers to New York City or D.C.
    — A traveler shows up at the airport and goes to a US Airways Kiosk. They then follow the on screen instructions to reserve their flight. After ticket prints they can proceed to the boarding gate depending on the time of their ticket.
    — The kiosk can be used to change flights
    — For any reason if there is a problem a traveler can go to the US Airways desk and present their NU ID.
    Kiosk locations at Airports
    — The traveler has to pre-register for this program – to register.
    — If you have any questions about this program please call Bernard Grant at x4794 or email