Enterprise CarShare

Program Overview

Northeastern University is excited to introduce Enterprise CarShare, an exclusive car sharing service designed to allow faculty and staff the ability to rent a vehicle on-site for an hour, a day or overnight. Enterprise CarShare vehicles are fuel-efficient, so they provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to short-term business travel.  CarShare program membership includes:

  • Mobile reservations on the Enterprise CarShare App
  • 24/7 vehicle availability
  • Convenient, designated parking spots

How to Join

Individuals have two enrollment options for joining the CarShare program:

Option 1:  Faculty and staff who use the CarShare program while conducting University travel or assignments should join the program using the business customer enrollment link here.  This enrollment link will prevent charges of sales and use tax that Northeastern is exempt from paying.

Option 2: All other potential enrollees, including full-time students who are between 18 years of age and up with a valid domestic or international driver’s license, should use the following Enterprise CarShare application here.

In order to take advantage of Northeastern’s membership privileges when applying please reference your Northeastern email address on both enrollment forms.

Liability Coverage

Business Use:  Rentals for Northeastern University business are fully covered with $0 deductible.

Members Age 18 and Up:

  • Enterprise CarShare will extend liability protection up to the state minimum required amount.
  • PHYSICAL DAMAGE WAIVER:  Member pays the first $500 of any damage 

What it Costs

Membership Fees and Rates:

Application Fee

Personal Use: $10

1st Year Annual Membership Fee

Personal Use: Waived

Annual Membership Fee

Personal Use: $25


Business Use: $10

Business Use: Waived

Business Use: $25

Hourly/Daily Rates 

  • Rates start at $7.00 per hour and $70.99 per day, depending on model, day of the week, and time of day.
  • 180 miles per day are included. Additional miles are charged at 45 cents per mile.
  • Fuel and physical damage/liability protection included
  • Download now for Android or iPhone.


Vehicle Class







Daily (Fri-Sun)
















Daily Mileage Included: 180 per day

Excess Mileage: 45 cents per mile

How to Reserve a Car

  1. Login to Enterprise CarShare with your member ID and password and reserve a vehicle.


  1. Download now for Android or iPhone.

Enterprise CarShare Vehicle Locations on Campus

Enterprise CarShare has cars waiting for you at the following Northeastern parking lots:

  • 795 Columbus Garage (Ground level)
  • Leon Street (Ryder Hall Lot)
  • 97 St. Stephens Street (North Lot)
  • 262 St. Botolph Street (Matthews Arena)

For additional vehicle locations in the Boston area please visit Enterprise CarShare.

Additional Assistance

If you have any questions regarding how to become a member or need customer service, please write info@enterprisecarshare.com or call the Enterprise CarShare Driver Approval hotline at 877-411-6468, Option 1.