Reimbursement Procedures

If a personal credit card is used, an expense voucher should be completed, approved by your next level supervisor and forwarded to the Accounts Payable office within 30 business days of the traveler’s return.

If a procard is used, a travel expense vouchers is not needed since expenses incurred are directly billed to the University. However, receipts should be retained and reconciled with SmartData.

Receipts for all expenses incurred are preferable and are required for all expenses $75.00 or more. All receipts should provide proof of payment which includes the Payor and the Method of Payment. Care should be taken to retain and submit all necessary receipts. However, if a mandatory receipt is missing, an explanatory memo prepared by the traveler must be provided and approved by their next level supervisor. This memo is intended to be an exception not standard practice.

Incomplete or inaccurate expense vouchers will be returned for correction.

Refer to the Policy on Travel & Expense Reimbursement for further details.

Expense Reimbursement Voucher Information.