International SOS

When traveling aboard you are covered in the event of a medical or security crisis.

International SOS membership provides medical, security and travel advice, and emergency help, 24/7 worldwide. 

Using your membership is easy. You can either log in to “Members Login”  website with your membership number  or call your nearest assistance center.

When should you use your membership?

1) Before you leave, prepare yourself:

Access accurate, updated information at View country guides and online medical and security reports, and sign up for email alerts

Call an assistance center for pre-travel information (i.e. vaccination, required medications and travel security concerns).

2) While abroad, stay healthy, safe and secure. Contact us when you:

Need health, safety and security advice

Must speak with an experienced, Western-trained doctor or security specialist

Need a local doctor or other provider credentialed by our medical staff

Require supplies of medication or equipment

Need assistance due to the loss of travel documents or legal advice.

3) In an emergency, call us immediately to:

Arrange for medical transportation or care

Coordinate medical fees, when approved

Monitor your condition and provide advice

Evacuate you to a center of medical excellence if local care is inadequate

Provide help if your safety is at risk

Contact your family.

Comprehensive Membership

combines both of our medical and security programs to provide your travelers and expatriates with access to global medical and security advice, assistance and evacuation services 24/7 International SOS membership is a gateway to other  International SOS services such as medical procurement, training, consulting, and other online medical and security information.

Corporate membership comprises:

Pre-travel preparation
Members simply need to call us, use our BlackBerry Members’ app or log into our members-only website to access essential medical, personal safety and travel security information. The service includes personal consultation and access to:

Email Alerts: automated medical and security information emailed to members when critical advice changes
Country Guides: online medical and travel information for hundreds of countries
Travel Security Online: comprehensive travel and security information, including risk ratings on 220 countries and 330 cities

Assistance abroad
While traveling abroad, we can:

  • provide 24/7 medical and security information, advice and reassurance
  • give access to International SOS clinics with world-class facilities and medical care in developing markets
  • organize medication and equipment supplies
  • help your employees with their travel plans – from extending a visa to getting further vaccinations, replacing lost credit cards or referring them to a lawyer or interpreter
  • provide access to security experts who can provide advice during a developing crisis

Help in an emergency
If your employees need emergency medical or security assistance, we can:

  • deploy an ambulance and make arrangements to take them to the nearest hospital or clinic
  • monitor their condition to ensure appropriate medical care
  • evacuate them to a center of medical excellence or repatriate them
  • coordinate travel arrangements for the patient’s family members
  • arrange repatriation of mortal remains in the event of a fatality
  • set up communications between your head office and evacuees
  • activate our incident management resources and on-the-ground security teams
  • provide a ‘bulletin board’ with key crisis management information on our security website in the event of a deteriorating or developing emergency situation
  • provide security referrals, advice and coordination
  • manage an individual or mass evacuation
  • coordinate post-incident debriefings and arrange for counseling