Become a Partner

Employers are vying to find, develop, and keep the talented people who will grow and advance their companies. Rapidly evolving business needs—and the new knowledge and skills required to meet those needs—make this an increasingly difficult challenge.

The Power of Partnership

Northeastern believes that innovative, customized solutions are the key to company growth—and that university-employer partnerships are the way to develop those solutions. Since 1898, we have made it our mission to engage with the world in order to solve problems and lead change. The result is a globally networked culture of innovation that actively stimulates entrepreneurship and thrives on real-world industry collaboration.

Together with our employer partners, we develop unique, integrated, stackable education programs—with flexible delivery options—that link skills and experiences, certificates, and credentials. From talent recruitment to employee retention, our approach to both education and partnership is designed to shape leadership and create a better-prepared, more productive workforce.

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