Meet Torch Class Four

Torch 4 Scholars come from Boston, Chicago, New York City, Rochester, NY, and Chelsea, MA, and three scholars moved to the United States from their home countries of Bangladesh, China, and Bosnia.
photo Since the six-week Summer Immersion Program, Torch 4 has been on the go with mentor and advising meetings, civic engagement, group study, and countless hours in the library or Torch office preparing for tests and papers. At an Advisory Board meeting, the group called themselves “focused” and “driven,” and as individuals, each scholar brings his or her own unique background and perspective to the Program. Anticipating Interview Day and meeting Torch candidates for the fifth class, Torch 4 is eager to mentor next year’s freshmen scholars. Members of Torch 4 say they will be looking for the fifth class to bring self-awareness, honesty, and personal drive to the Program. Vladimir, a Torch 4 Scholar from Boston, comments on what it is like to be a Torch scholar after his first semester in college. “Torch gives kids a chance to go to college…and you really come to understand the importance of going to college. Torch scholars meet and exceed expectations. Torch is like my parents away from home and there is a family bonding in our class. We talk a lot and joke a lot, but it does get serious. It’s very professional. Personally, just in 3-4 months, I’ve grown a lot as a person and my perspective on education has changed. Torch has given me a chance to be among a lot of talented people and learn from the best. It’s given me the opportunity to go to a great school and with support, I can learn from people. It’s not just about school, but Torch really is about making me better as a person.”