Class of 2013

Jason Bran


Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Jason knew that he had to make a difference for him and his family. Jason believed that there was more to life than negative influences and realized those beliefs when he received the Torch Scholarship. Jason studied Psychology at Northeastern University, and was also an active student through leadership opportunities. Jason participated in Peace through Play, Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, NUHOC (outing club) and the Psychology club. Jason was also active in the community while he studied at the university and has become committed to community service and through his cooperative education experience. Jason worked at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in the Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis Program and at Northeastern University as a research analyst. His passion for outreach and philanthropy offered Jason the opportunity to assist local Bostonians in the Pine Street Inn working with homeless adult men and women. On campus, he worked for the Imaging Lab for Schizophrenia and Psychosis.  After graduation, Jason plans to continue to do research with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and travel before heading back to graduate school.

In his own words: “The Torch Scholars Program has helped me learn the importance of keeping an open mind, an open heart and to always give back and share your accomplishments with others.” 

Leo Byun

Leo Byun

A two-hour daily commute to high school was part of Leo’s life for four years, because of his goal to get a solid education foundation. When he applied to the Torch Scholarship Program, he had already experienced determination and hard work. Leo came to Northeastern University from Dobb’s Ferry, New York and was determined to study Mechanical Engineering. He quickly became a resource for many of the scholarship students after his first-year serving as a tutor in the Community Learning Space both during the academic year and for the Torch Summer Immersion Program. Leo also took part in the Civic Engagement Program working at several local organizations giving back to his community. He was active with professors on campus and conducted research with faculty in the Engineering department.  After graduation, Leo will attend a graduate program in the Boston area for mechanical engineering.

In his own words: “Torch gave me the opportunity to succeed in life. I learned to give back to the community and take advantage of new experiences.”

roberto delvalle

Roberto Del Valle, Jr.

Roberto comes from the city of Boston where he grew up in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. Growing up in Boston, Roberto never took his education for granted and always put his best work into his academics. Roberto came to Northeastern University to study Communications, and left with a wealth of friends and connections. He was an active student leader and was involved in many student organizations including the Husky Ambassador Program, DRYVE (founded by Torch Scholars), and LASO (Latino American Student Organization). Roberto was also involved in the first year of the Torch Student Committee, which provided current Torch Scholars the opportunity to plan and execute student-run programs for their peers. Roberto’s passion for community service inspired him to give back to the youth of Boston. For his civic engagement, he worked closely with the student organization, Peace through Play, where he and several Northeastern students traveled to local Boston Public Schools and taught children the importance of anti-bullying and self-respect. Roberto will be working as an allocation analyst at TJX companies as part of their PASE program. After he finishes the PASE program, he plans to return to business school and attain a MBA. He would like to pursue a career in sustainability management consulting.  

In his own words: “The Torch program has taught me the importance of giving back, being proactive in the community, expanding my intellectual curiosity, and seizing any available opportunity.”

katty mojica


When Katty arrived to Northeastern University as a new student on campus, she saw Northeastern University as a neighbor. Katty grew up in the Boston and never imagined that she would become a Northeastern Husky. She studied Human Services and Business allowing her to grow comfortable meeting new people and taking advantage of the opportunities that were placed before her. Katty quickly became an active student in the Opportunity Scholarship office and served as a student assistant for several Summer Immersion programs for each new class of Torch Scholars. Katty was also involved as a Husky Ambassador, DRYVE (founded by Torch Scholars), and LASO (Latin American Student Organization).  Her close connection to the city of Boston inspired her to give back, and she volunteered with the LEAD (Linking Education and Diversity) program, helping high school students prepare for college admission. Katty was also determined to spread her wings and see the world. Growing up in Boston and then going to college in the same city, Katty wanted to see more. Through the co-op program, Katty was fortunate to work and travel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where she interned at Ericsson. Katty also participated in Northeastern’s NUin program and traveled to Greece. After graduation, Katty plans to work in the non-profit sector while studying for her GMAT and applying for her MBA degree.

In her own words: “Torch taught me that through support, creating family ties and role modeling within the program you are at higher advantage to succeed.”

sara harris

Sara Harris

Originally from Morristown, New Jersey, Sara quickly adapted to the fast-paced culture here in Boston. Sara studied Political Science and loved every minute of it. At graduation, one of her peers stated that     “Sara will be the President of the United States one day.” Her commitment to service and her love of politics is apparent. Sarah served as a student representative on the Student Conduct Board for several semesters. Through the co-op program, Sara secured a position at the New England Council working with the New England Congressional delegation in Massachusetts and Washington D. C. After the completion of her co-op education, the New England Council hired Sara for a full-time position as a staff assistant. In her free time, Sara balanced part time jobs and never let go of her boxing hobby.

In her own words: “I have learned everything from leadership skills to building my confidence, so I thank you Torch!”

karmue unice


Growing up in Providence, Rhode Island, and having family who emigrated from West Africa helped inspire Unice to dream bigger. Northeastern University helped him realize that the American dream is true. Unice studied Biology and has had his work published while in college. Unice is a natural giver so he devoted most of his time at Northeastern spreading knowledge to others and supporting causes he cared about. Unice volunteered in Boston Public Schools as a mentor and through the co-op education program he worked in the Boston Public Industry Council. Unice continued to balance student leadership while studying at Northeastern his entire five years. Unice was an active person in organizing Northeastern’s AIDS/HIV awareness week by providing education about the epidemic worldwide. His passion for this particular cause helped him secure a co-op in South Africa working with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation. Through this experience, Unice was able to live out his passion. He went on to work with a Torch-founded organization, DRYVE, and traveled to the Dominican Republic to build schools for developing communities in Monca and parts of Santo Domingo. After graduation, Unice plans to work for a Tiyatien Health branch in the city of Boston or Liberia.

In his own words: I have learned that in the Torch program leadership is the most important thing there is. Everyone looks up to you, and building a brand for yourself and the program is important.”



Originally from Bethesda, Maryland, Dagmawit came to Northeastern to study Graphic Design and minor in Business. “Dags,” as her peers called her, never took her Torch scholarship for granted and knew that this opportunity was a once in a lifetime chance to make her life better. Throughout her time at Northeastern, Dags gave back to the community by serving as a mentor for high school youth in the LEAD (Linking Education and Diversity) program. Dags provided tutoring and college application help to high school students who need the resources to apply to competitive colleges across the country. For her co-op, she decided to go back to her home and work in her community. Dags used her graphic design skills and worked in the successful company, Sandy Spring Builders. Dags was able to network and negotiate plans with clients interested in high-end custom home builders and remodeling in the Washington D.C. area. Dags plans to work after graduation in the graphic design field and then consider attending graduate school in a few years.

In her own words:Life is beautiful. Never give up. Believe in yourself. Give back. Learn how to ask for help and give in return.”