Study Abroad in Ghana Opens Doors

With two Northeastern Professors and a class of twenty students, Unice Karmue (Torch Class 3) spent eight weeks studying and living on campus at  Cape Coast University in Ghana through NU’s Dialogues of Civilization Program.
photo Unice, originally from Liberia, credits his experience in Ghana with helping him to reconnect with his ancestry and to focus on his future. "Through the Dialogue to Ghana, I learned that I want to pursue a career in medicine and work within the African healthcare system."  Unice plans to build on his experience in Ghana by continuing outreach to underserved communities in the Dominican Republic over spring break and South Africa next summer. "Northeastern and Torch have given me a great chance to go to school and become a part of DRYVE and a group called  FACE Africa. If I wouldn’t have come to Northeastern as a Torch Scholar, I wouldn’t have had those chances. The Dialogue opened the door for me by giving me a chance to go to Ghana and to work twice as hard. Once you read about a problem, you know what’s going on, but when you are seeing and dealing with the problem firsthand, you are motivated to do big things and move forward and to help other people."