The information on this website applies to the Fall 2019 entering class and prior. Information for students entering in Fall 2019 and after will be posted during the 2019-2020 academic year.

The Guidelines for the 3+3 Program

  • Students will be considered and selected for admission to the 3+3 Program by the admissions committee at the point of first-year admission.(1)
  • Admission to the juris doctor portion of the program is dependent on the academic standards and admission guidelines defined by the School of Law. (2)
  • Students must complete the 3+3 JD Commitment Form and meet character and fitness requirements. No additional university application fee will be required for admission to the 3+3 program.
  • Students must decide to participate in the 3+3 Program before they begin their third year of undergraduate study. If a student decides at some point to pursue only the undergraduate portion of the 3+3 program, all regular undergraduate program and course requirements will apply.
  • Students in the 3+3 Program who complete all necessary requirements will earn a bachelor’s degree following completion of their fourth year of study (first year of law school).
  • Undergraduate tuition and fees will be charged through the first three years; law school tuition and fees will be charged when students enter into the law school in year four. Undergraduate scholarships and grant aid will continue during the fourth year to be consistent with the Northeastern Promise, guaranteeing aid through eight semesters of study.
  • Students in the 3+3 Program are eligible for School of Law scholarship awards during their fifth and sixth years. These awards will include, at a minimum, the Double Husky Scholarship, which is a 25% tuition merit scholarship, or any other law school scholarship for which students qualify. Participants eligible for federal aid will be awarded aid as undergraduate students for the first three years; federal loans will be based on undergraduate limits and Pell Grant and state scholarships will be available to those who qualify. Beginning in the fourth year, loan limits will reflect graduate student status.

(1) Participation is currently by invitation only.

(2) In order to move into the 3+3 program from undergraduate student to law student, students must meet CSSH, CAMD, COE, and Bouvé undergraduate requirements and earn a minimum 3.6 GPA. Students must also score at least 161 on the LSAT. Students who do not meet the LSAT and GPA requirements may still be considered for admission to the law program on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the School of Law.