Research in Sustainability: A Global Imperative

Researchers at Northeastern are making path-breaking discoveries in sustainability research—from energy and climate change to sustainable urban design and policies—to promote resilient public infrastructure.

The university brings together faculty with broad expertise: chemical, electrical, industrial, and mechanical engineering; architecture and urban design; chemistry; environmental science; economics and public policy; and biology. This interdisciplinary, highly collaborative approach to research includes partnerships with business and industry, government agencies, and nonprofit environmental groups.

Northeastern’s sustainability research breakthroughs will enable society to respond to environmental threats, ranging from extreme weather caused by climate change to the community-wide impacts of unsustainable urban development.

Recent News

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    Campus dining halls have undergone a few changes this semester, thanks to student-led efforts to implement two sustainability-focused measures: trayless dining halls and the elimination of single-use plastic bags at Outtakes. Student organizations have explored these initiatives in recent years and worked closely with Northeastern Dining over the past ... read more
  • Northeastern co-hosts Capitol Hill briefing on coastal sustainability
    Northeastern co-hosted a Capitol Hill briefing on coastal sustainability on Wednesday afternoon, convening a panel of stakeholders to discuss the threats facing coastal communities and the best practices for keeping them secure. Coastal communities are facing increasing threats related to sea-level rise, ecosystem degradation, extreme weather events, and port ... read more
  • Collaboration: ‘Where the magic starts happening’
    Innovative minds and collaborative spirits came together for two featured events on Monday at the opening of Northeastern’s Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex: “NU Talks: Innovating Across Disciplines” and a panel discussion on the future of interdisciplinary research. Health, security, and sustainability—these are the key areas of research at ... read more