bags recycled from red and white Northeastern-branded vinyl banners

Northeastern’s Fashion-forward Green Initiative


Who says going green means having to skimp on style? Recently Northeastern transformed more than 90 banners that once lined Huntington and Columbus Avenues and refashioned them into 300 one-of-a-kind tote bags.

The bags are recycled from red and white Northeastern-branded vinyl banners and multi-colored banners that were designed by local youths as part of Boston’s Artists for Humanity initiative. Local artisan Hilary Law of Hilary Law Textile Design used the banners to craft the recycled bags in three sizes: a small zippered pouch, a medium-sized tote and a large tote.

The bags are being used as raffle incentives for the 2009 Senior Gift Drive. The drive encourages seniors to “give some green, and get some green”.

“We have received terrific feedback from the seniors regarding the totes,” said Bronwyn McCarty, associate director of The Northeastern Fund. “They like that this is the first time the totes have been created and are being used for the class of 2009. This has been a terrific addition to this year's senior fundraising efforts.

“These bags are a novel way for students to literally take a piece of Northeastern with them,” said Bruce Ployer, art director at Northeastern University. “Not only are the totes functional, they are also a great example of Northeastern’s commitment to environmental sustainability and out-of-the-box thinking.”

Northeastern will continue to look for unique opportunities, including additional banner totes, that enable the university to recycle and have a low impact on the environment.

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