HEAT members

Northeastern does it in the dark


Each year, the student environmental group HEAT (Husky Energy Action Team) sponsors a three-week-long called Do it in the Dark. The goal: to reduce each on-campus residence hall's overall energy consumption.

Here’s how it works. HEAT members kick off the event with a week of “dorm storming,” going door-to-door to let students know about the event and to get them to participate. During the following three weeks, members from the facilities department monitor and record energy usage in each residence hall. At the end of the contest, whichever hall registers the greatest drop wins a cache of prizes.

This year’s winner? Kennedy Hall, students slashed their energy usage. Residents won tote bags, a voucher from Boston Organics Delivery Service, yoga passes, coupons to Back Bay Bicycles, bike tool kits, and other items that encourage green living.

Smith and Conventry Halls came in second and third respectively.