SEVILLE: Freshman Summer Business Program

Seville, Spain

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  • Summer 1 Semester - May 31- July 3, 2015 (dates subject to change)

Application Deadline

  • Summer 1 Semester - February 1, 2015


Study Abroad Coordinator: Mike Miller (

The D'Amore-McKim School of Business (DMSB) is offering a business-specific program for freshman business majors.

Learn about the European Union, Spanish society, business ethics, cross-cultural communication and doing business in Spain; improve your Spanish and discover the history, culture and traditions of Seville, one of the most popular European tourist destinations.

ESIC offers you a varied and exciting cultural program in Seville, one of the most fascinating destinations in Europe, famous for its historical cathedral and palaces and its world-famous traditions- fl­amenco, bull fighting, and the celebration of Holy Week. You will also have the opportunity to explore other fascinating cities such as Córdoba and Granada.


Students will take 2 courses, for 8 NU credits:

  1. Contemporary Spanish Society through Business Ethics in Spain and Europe: Business management in the 21st century requires the knowledge, skills and sensitivity to deal with a range of ethical issues relating to the activities of a company and their impact on individuals, on society, on the economy and on the environment. These issues can be complex enough when their scope is limited to one country or culture, but the increasingly global nature of business means it is essential to learn how these subjects are viewed by other cultures and to understand that “different” does not necessarily mean “wrong”. (NU course INTB1203 Introduction to International Business)
  2. Spanish Language and Culture: NU course CLTR1504 Introduction to Spanish Language and Culture
  • The Contemporary Spanish Society through Business Ethics in Spain and Europe Course is taught in English, and it is open for a limited number of Spanish students. This has proved to be a highly enriching experience and a great way for the foreign students to socialize and integrate more easily within the Spanish culture.

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Host University

Founded in 1965 ESIC Business and Marketing School (ESIC) offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business. ESIC has thirteen campuses located throughout Spain including Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.

Eligibility Requirements

Two full semesters of academic work through NU (32 academic credits) and 2.5 GPA

Application Procedure

    • Online OISP Application
    • ESIC Application Form
    • Submit an unofficial transcript printed off myNEU to OISP in 403 Richards
    • Photocopy of Passport ID Page
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Summer 1 2015 Tuition: $10,634

Study Abroad Fee: $2,275

Tuition and Study Abroad Fee include: Tuition for 8 NU credits, housing, meals, and other non-academic costs, including International Security and Emergency Support. Students are responsible for arranging and purchasing their own flights.


On-campus housing will be provided. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the program


Capital of Andalusia, Seville was one of the last footholds of the Moorish empire that ruled the Iberian Peninsula. It is home to the ingenious barber of Seville and the tempestuous Carmen. The great Renaissance painters Velázquez and Murillo were born here, and Ferdinand and Isabel ruled Spain from the royal apartments in the Alcazar Palace. Though the city preserves its past, modern Seville is the commercial hub of Andalusia. For a city of fewer than 800,000, Seville offers amazing cultural activities, from flamenco to classical, pop, and jazz concerts.