DUBLIN: CIEE – Dublin City University

Dublin, Ireland

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  • Fall Semester - Mid September - Mid December
  • Spring Semester - Late January - Late May

Application Deadline

  • Fall Semester - March 15
  • Spring Semester - October 1


Study Abroad Coordinator: Katherine Pruess (k.pruess@neu.edu)

The CIEE program at Dublin City University in Dublin is appropriate for students from a variety of disciplines who are well prepared academically for direct matriculation. The program is ideal for students wishing to take courses in international relations and communications and who wish to participate in the rich campus life of a small tight-knit university. The CIEE Study Center in Dublin is designed for students who are interested in taking courses in their major while also studying about and living in Ireland. The program at Dublin City University opened in fall 2005. DCU is an exciting, modern campus, buzzing with life. With over 100 clubs and societies, a very active student union, a student social events calendar overflowing with activities, and a student social center located in the heart of campus, DCU is a great place to study abroad. It is located close to the Dublin city center which is steeped in history and is renowned for its rich social and cultural life.


Semester: Students participating in this program are required to take five courses. Students take EIRE 3001 IREL History and Culture of Modern Ireland at the CIEE Study Center, plus four additional classes through DCU.  Before choosing modules through DCU, please consult CIEE's information sheet on the Irish academic system.

DCU course descriptions ("module specifications")

DCU current course offerings (look at numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4)

Students will be charged Northeastern undergraduate tuition for 16 credits.  Should a student decide to transfer back a fifth course, he or she will then be charged an overload fee as defined on the Northeastern University Registrar’s website.  Please note: See Cost section for additional Study Abroad fees.

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If you are interested in enrolling in a course not in our database, please send this course for evaluation.

Policies and Process for Evaluations

Host University

Established in the early 1980s, Dublin City University (DCU) has approximately 10,000 students. DCU offers its students multi-disciplinary programs, creating an environment that stimulates entrepreneurial awareness and activity through strong links with local and international businesses. The 85-acre campus compares to a traditional U.S. campus with central green areas, cafés, theater, a sports center, and a library. DCU is located 20 to 30 minutes by bus from downtown Dublin. Public transportation is easily accessible.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 2 completed terms at NU, one of which may be a summer term
  • GPA of at least 3.0
  • Transfer students and spring admits, please contact OISP for eligibility

Application Procedure

    Online OISP application form

    CIEE application form, including:

    • Official Transcript (uploaded to the CIEE application)
    • Home School Nomination (completed by your study abroad coordinator - please be sure to list the correct coordinator for your program)

    Please submit the following directly to OISP:

    • Photocopy of Passport ID Page
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Fall 2015 or Spring 2016: $22,660

Includes: Northeastern University (NU) tuition for 16 NU credits ($22,310), and International Security and Emergency Support ($350). Please note that this program requires students to take five courses. Should students choose to transfer back the fifth course, the student will be liable for an additional 4 credit overload fee ($5,577.50). Students are responsible for all other expenses, including housing and other non-academic costs for which they will be billed directly by the program provider or host institution. Students are also responsible for arranging and purchasing their own flights.


Study abroad students live in a shared apartment in a campus residence. The on-campus student residences house 1,000 undergraduate students. Students have their own private room and bathroom with a shared living, kitchen, and dining area. There are three to five individual rooms to each shared area. Students in on-campus apartments are responsible for all meals, which are not included in the program fee. There are dining facilities and a small grocery store on campus. A major shopping mall is located adjacent to the university.


Dublin is an ancient city that today is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing European capitals. With a young and vibrant population of over one million, it has enjoyed considerable economic growth in the last decade. While Dublin may be a city on the move, the charm, culture, and heritage of old Dublin is still apparent everywhere. It is perhaps the most literary city in the world with associations that include Joyce, Shaw, Swift, Wilde, and Beckett.